How to Use Media Casting in Microsoft Edge for Windows

Cast music, video clips, photos, and more from your browser

It's possible to cast from Microsoft Edge to your Roku TV or other devices on your wireless network. This functionality can prove handy for displaying your social media photo albums on your living room television, or for viewing a slideshow on a conference room screen.

Microsoft Edge is only available for Windows 10. Other versions of Windows come with Internet Explorer and support third-party browsers like Google Chrome.

What Devices Support Screen Casting From Microsoft Edge?

The Edge browser supports media casting to any DLNA or Miracast-enabled devices on your internal network, which includes most modern TVs and popular streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV and certain versions of the Roku.

You cannot cast protected media such as audio and video from Netflix.

How to Cast From the Edge Browser

To begin media casting in Microsoft Edge:

  1. Open Edge and navigate to the desired content, then select the three-dot menu in the upper-right corner of the browser window.

    Microsoft Edge with the More icon highlighted
  2. Select More tools > Cast media to device.

    Edge with the More Tools heading and Cast Media to Device command highlighted
  3. Select the target device in the pop-up window to begin casting.

    Edge with the available devices for media casting highlighted

To stop transmitting audio and video to a device, select the Cast media to device menu option again.

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