Using INSTEON Devices to Monitor Indoor and Outdoor Temperatures

Thermometer with ice on it below zero

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When outside temperatures fall below freezing and approach zero, many homeowners take special precautions against the elements. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your home automation system notify you or activate your INSTEON devices automatically when the temperature outside drops to a specific threshold?

The INSTEON I/O Linc High and Low-Temperature Threshold Kit remove the guesswork from knowing the outside temperature.

Adjustable Threshold Settings

One of the biggest advantages of the INSTEON temperature sensor over most competitive products is that the temperature high and low settings are fully configurable from –30° Fahrenheit to 130° Fahrenheit.

Most wireless temperature sensors have preset temperatures they provide notification for, usually 39° to 40°.

What Is an I/O Linc?

An I/O Linc is an INSTEON device that opens or closes contacts based on a triggering event, in this case, the temperature falling below (or above) a specified threshold. Any device that can be controlled through contact closure or opening can be activated by the I/O Linc. Since the I/O Linc is also an INSTEON device, any linked INSTEON devices in the network can also be activated.

What Can The Temperature Sensor Control?

If you live in a cold climate, you are probably used to turning on remote faucets to a trickle flow when it gets cold to prevent your pipes from freezing. With an electric actuated valve below the sink, the INSTEON temperature sensor and I/O Linc can automatically turn the water on when the temperature falls below your preset threshold. Likewise, if you use heat tape to keep your pipes warm, you can turn the tape on automatically when the outside temperature falls below freezing.

If you have seedling starts in an outside greenhouse, you can use the temperature sensor to turn on a greenhouse space heater to keep your young plants from freezing. The temperature sensor can automatically turn on heaters anywhere inside or outside the home and can be a great solution for keeping favorite pets or farm animals warm in freezing temperatures.