How to Use Google Hangouts on a Smartphone

Make voice and video calls and send messages

The Google Hangouts chat service is being phased out in favor of Google Chat, which is also integrated into the Google Workspace framework that's free to all users with Google account. Chats will fully replace Hangouts by the end of 2021, so be sure to migrate your Hangouts data. The information here applies to users who are still working with Hangouts.

The Google Hangouts app is available for iOS and Android smartphones and mobile devices. It's easy to install and use for free voice and video calling and video conferencing. It's available for Windows and Mac desktop and laptop computers as well, so it synchronizes across all your devices. You can even use Hangouts for texting.

What You Need For Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts runs on all modern iOS and Android smartphones.

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You need an internet connection on your device. The video call feature requires a speed of at least 1 Mbps for a one-to-one conversation. Be sure, too, that your phone has a great camera so others can see you clearly.

You can use a cellular connection. However, you can run up data charges if you don't have an unlimited data plan on your smartphone.

Using the Hangouts App

After you download the Hangouts app, log in to your Google account to use the app at any time without logging in again.

Starting a Hangout is easy:

  1. Open the app and tap +.

  2. Select New Video Call to initiate a one-to-one or group video call, or select New Conversation to start a chat.

  3. Select the contacts you want to invite to your Hangout. If your contacts are sorted into groups, you can choose a group.

    The plus sign, new video call, and search bar in Google Hangouts

About Google Hangouts

Hangouts replaced Google Talk, integrating with Google Voice in an interface that's accessible from Gmail on computers and tablets, and through dedicated apps on smartphones.

Unlike the Apple Messages app, Hangouts is platform-agnostic and is supported by most devices. Fans of the smartphone app particularly appreciate its ability to provide voice and video calling free of charge. For these reasons, Google Hangouts has been popular, particularly among users who are part of the Google ecosystem, with their contacts and email addresses set up in Gmail.

Goodbye, Hangouts

Google is replacing Hangouts with Google Chat, which is tied to Google Workspace for businesses and consumers. When you enable Chat in your Gmail settings, you'll immediately enter the Google Workspace integrated framework of email, cloud storage, productivity software, calendars, and more.

Once you're using Google Workspace, Chat will act as a Google Workspace hub; for example, if you start a chat "Room" to collaborate with others, you can share a Google Doc or other product via Chat, and your collaborators can immediately access it.

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