Using Facebook to Promote Your Graphic Design Business

Graphic designers promote their businesses using Facebook business pages

Facebook is a powerful business tool. Any graphic designer can promote their business on the enormous website by setting up, maintaining and promoting a Business page, which is different from a personal profile.

Using Facebook Business Pages

Facebook profiles are used by individuals to socialize, but Facebook pages are used by businesses to:

  • Give a business an online presence
  • Reach new customers
  • Expand a business beyond its local area
  • Generate sales of services
  • Build a company brand
  • Create a mobile hub
  • Connect with customers using Messenger, which is integrated with business pages

How to Set Up a Business Page

Pages are tagged with a category of business, given a title instead of a person’s name, and have several other business-related features. If you already have a Facebook account, you can add a page for your business quickly. Because it is affiliated with your personal profile, you can instantly promote the new Business page to all your friends and contacts. If you are not yet on Facebook, you can create a business page and a new account at the same time. To create a page:

  1. If you already have an account, click Page under Create at the bottom of the left panel on your Facebook news feed. If you don't already have an account, go to the Facebook Sign Up screen and click Create a Page.

    A screenshot of Facebook with the Create Page command highlighted
  2. Select a category for your page from the options given. A graphic designer might select Business or Brand.

    Screenshot of Page Category options
  3. Enter a page name, choose a category and select Continue. Enter your contact information and choose Continue again.

    A screenshot of Facebook's Create a Page page with the Continue button highlighted
  4. Upload a profile photo and a cover photo. Your new page will open.

What to Include on Your Facebook Page

For graphic designers, the photos area of your business page is a great place to include design work. Create various portfolio albums with examples of your design projects. This allows visitors to your page to see your work. You can also use the page to add updates on recent projects and news on your business. This is a simple, yet powerful, tool because followers of your page may see your updates on their Facebook news feeds. 

Your business page may encourage posts from clients and reviews of your business. While Facebook is a helpful tool, it opens the door for people to comment on your business, so you should closely monitor the page to be sure it is working to your advantage.

Promoting Your Business Page

Anyone can see a business page. It is open to the public -- even to people without a Facebook account -- and doesn't have any of the privacy restrictions that are available to Facebook users with personal accounts. Promote the page in one or all of these ways:

  • Invite your existing Facebook friends to like or follow your business page.
  • Post the URL to your business page on your website, in your newsletter or on your business cards.
  • Add the business page URL to your email signature.
  • Encourage your friends and current clients to Share your business page on Facebook with their friends.
  • Use the Boost Post button on one of your business posts to reach categories of people you choose on Facebook. This is a paid promotion, in which you set up a number of days and a budget you want to spend to promote a particular post.

Advertising Your Business Page

Paid advertising on the Facebook network is available in the form of ads, which you construct on the site and then send to an audience you select. You are able to target people in your locality and people who have indicated they use freelance graphic artists. If you work in a niche, you can target it. Your ad appears in the sidebar of the targeted group, where anyone who clicks on it goes directly to your business page. The ad runs until your budget is exhausted. You can choose any budget you want, so the expense is completely under your control. Facebook provides analytics so you can judge the success of your ad. 

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