How to Use 'Reply' and 'Reply All' in MSN Explorer

Respond to the sender or the entire group

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When replying to a message in MSN Explorer, you're given two options, but don't be too quick to pick either one. The button you choose to reply with depends on how you want to send the email.

There's a Reply button in MSN Explorer that does one thing and a Reply All button that's similar but not exactly the same.

How to Reply in MSN Explorer

Use Reply to reply to the sender only. This is the email address that appears in the From: header line of the message you're replying to.

You can instead use the Reply All option to write the email to not only the sender but also anyone the sender included in the carbon copy (Cc) line of the email. Your message will go to the address in the From: header and to all addresses in the To: and Cc: header lines — except for your own address (i.e., you won't get a reply from yourself).

The 'Reply All' Rule

While it might not actually be a "rule" when sending emails, it's important to be aware of when to use "reply all" and when to use "reply." The last thing you want to do is send an email to people who don't want to see it or, even worse, who shouldn't see it.

Put simply, you should never blindly use the "reply all" function. In other words, don't select Reply All in MSN Explorer just because it's an option. Replying to everyone in the email is only relevant in some cases — namely when every single person in the thread should see your reply.

If you're not sure if you should reply to the sender or everyone in the email, you're better off using the Reply button to be safe.