Using CopyTrans, an iPod Copy Tool

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Introduction to CopyTrans

Each iPod is tied to one iTunes and library and one computer for syncing and iTunes doesn't allow you to copy your iPod library to another computer. Sometimes, however, you need this feature. Three of the most common reasons to copy iPod libraries are:

  • You just bought a new computer and want a quick way to move all your music to the new machine (the alternative is re-ripping every CD!).
  • Your hard drive crashed, taking all your iTunes data with it, but your iPod still has a copy.
  • You want to make an iPod backup and save it on another computer.

You might also want to copy iPod libraries to share music with friends, though the legality of this is still somewhat in dispute.

There are a number of programs that offer these features. CopyTrans, a US$20 program, is one of them. This is a step-by-step guide to using CopyTrans (formerly known as CopyPod) to copy iPods to PCs, backup iPods, or transfer an iPod library to a new PC.

To start, you'll need a copy of CopyTrans. You can download a free trial, and purchase a fully licensed copy, at It requires Windows.

Once this is done, install the software.

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Run CopyTrans, Plug In iPod

using CopyTrans to copy iPod, step 1

To begin the iPod copy process, start up CopyTrans. When you see the program's window, plug your iPod into the computer.

A window will pop up asking if you want to scan the iPod. Click yes to have CopyTrans discover all the content on your iPod.

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View Song List, Make Choices for Copy/Backup

using CopyTrans to copy iPod, step 2

When this is complete, you will see this iTunes-like window that lists the content of your iPod.

From here you can do a few things:

  • Listen to songs on iPod (this is useful if you're planning to just copy a small number of songs from the iPod, rather than all of them
  • Choose what to copy (your options include just music, just video, just MP3 files, just AAC files, etc.)

Most people will choose to transfer all iPod data.

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For Full Copy, Select All

using CopyTrans to copy iPod, step 3

If you're going to do a full iPod copy or iPod backup, select all from the pull-down menu at the top of the window

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Chose Destination for iPod Copy

using CopyTrans to copy iPod, step 4

Next to the pull-down menu, you can choose where the iPod copy will go. Usually, it's the new computer's iTunes library. To select that, click the iTunes button.

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Confirm iTunes Library Location

using CopyTrans to copy iPod, step 5

Next, a pop-up window will ask where your iTunes library is located. Unless you've changed it, the default it suggests should be right. Click "yes."

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Wait for iPod Copy to Conclude

using CopyTrans to copy iPod, step 6

The iPod copy or iPod backup will start and you'll see this progress bar.

How long the copying or backup will take depends on how much data you're copying. My 6400 songs and videos took about 45-50 minutes for CopyTrans to copy.

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Almost Done!

using CopyTrans to copy iPod, step 6

When it's done, you'll get this window. But you're not done yet!

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CopyTrans Completes iTunes Import

After CopyTrans has copied the iPod library, it will import it into iTunes automatically. In some cases, CopyTrans may have you eject the iPod. Just follow the onscreen prompts.

This takes another 45-50 minutes.

In my experience, all my music, video, etc. was copied over fine, including pay counts, last played ​date, and all that good extra info. Some album art was copied, some wasn't. Luckily, iTunes grabs album art using a built-in feature.

Once this is complete, you're done! You've made an iPod copy or iPod backup and moved your iTunes library to a new computer pretty painlessly and in not too much time!