Using Blog Syndication to Grow Your Blog

Understand the difference in types of blog syndication before you begin

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There are three primary ways that you can syndicate your blog content in an effort to boost your blog's exposure and traffic. However, these three methods of syndication are quite different. Take some time to evaluate your blogging goals before you dive into blog syndication to ensure you choose the right method to help you meet your objectives.

Free or Bartered Blog Syndication

Bloggers receive no money when they syndicate their blog content through a free or bartered syndication service, such as PaidContent or SeekingAlpha (for the financial industry). Bloggers are simply given the opportunity to republish their posts or articles on these sites for no payment with the hope that the additional exposure can help boost traffic to their blogs thereby making their blogs more attractive to advertisers and other blogging monetization opportunities.

Ad-Supported Blog Syndication

Bloggers get a percentage of advertising revenues generated from their syndicated content, which is typically (but not always) republished online. BlogBurst is an example of a blog syndicator that offers ad-supported syndication opportunities to top performing bloggers using a performance-based reward system. Most bloggers do not earn money from BlogBurst syndication, but they do benefit from increased exposure.

Licensed Blog Syndication

Bloggers are paid royalties when their content is accessed by end-users.  Licensed syndicators typically work with top content distributors and deliver content to closed-systems such as Corporate libraries rather than republishing content online as most free and ad-supported syndicators do.  Therefore, licensed syndicators typically have a more stringent approval process and don't accept all blogs for syndication.  Bloggers also benefit from exposure to audiences they might not reach on their own.  Newstex is an example of a licensed blog syndicator.