How to Use Amazon Photos

Learn how to upload pictures and create albums

What to Know

  • Upload on desktop: Drag and drop photos from your computer to the Amazon Photos app or click on Browse to add them there.
  • Upload on mobile: Tap either From Gallery or Choose Photos > select the image > tap UPLOAD
  • Create an album on both: Create album > select the photos for album > tap Save album or create.

This guide will detail how to upload pictures to Amazon Photos on the desktop and mobile app, plus how to create an album.

What Is Amazon Photos?

Amazon Photos is a cloud service where you can upload and manage your photos, so they don’t take up space on your phone or device.

Amazon Photos is a free service, but the storage tops out at 5 GB. However, if you are an Amazon Prime member, you get unlimited storage space.

Uploading via the Amazon Photos Desktop App

Uploading photographs to the Amazon Photos for desktop is a simple process requiring you to download the desktop app. Once you've set it up, you select the files you want to upload to the service.

Installing the Amazon Photos App

You'll need to download the right Amazon Photos app for your computer.

  1. Start by going to the Amazon Photos for desktop website and click the Download now button to begin the installation.

    Download now for Amazon Photos desktop app
  2. Go to where the app was saved and run the installation.

    Run in Amazon Photos installation window
  3. After installing, sign in to your Amazon account.

    Amazon Photos Sign-in

Uploading Photos to Amazon Photos App

Once the app is installed and you've signed in to your Amazon account, you can start uploading your files.

  1. You can upload photos by dragging and dropping them onto the app.

    Arrow pointing from folder to Amazon Photos for desktop upload
  2. Or you can click on Browse and select the files from there.

    Browse your photos to upload in Amazon Photos app
  3. After uploading a photo, you can select where to put files will go. Once you've chosen a location, click Select to save.

    Amazon Photos Select button
  4. It’s recommended you backup the images onto Amazon’s servers. Start by clicking on Backup.

    Backup in Amazon Photos app
  5. Click the Add backup button at the top.

    Add backup in Amazon Photos apps
  6. Locate the folder you want to backup, click it, and then hit Select Folder.

    Select Folder in Amazon Photos apps
  7. Amazon Photos allows you to make any last-minute changes to the backup. Then click Save when finished.

    Save in Amazon Photos backup settings
  8. The app will begin uploading.

    Uploading in Amazon Photos desktop app
  9. You can download pictures by clicking on the Download tab on the left and then selecting a folder or album.

    Amazon Photos Download tab
  10. Select the location where the photos will go and click the Download to… button.

    Download to in Amazon Photos app

Uploading via the Mobile App

Like the desktop version, Amazon Photos on iOS and Android has a straightforward process for uploading and backing up pictures on the service.

  1. Download the Amazon Photos mobile app from an app store. Then open it.

  2. Sign in to your Amazon account. If the app asks you to allow access, select Allow.

    Install and Allow in Amazon Photos mobile app
  3. You can allow Amazon Photos to auto-save photos and videos taken on the device on the next page. If you don’t want the app to auto-save, click on the blue switch.

  4. If you switch auto-save off, you can add images to Amazon Photos by clicking on Choose Photos.

    Auto-Save toggle and Choose Photos in Amazon Photos mobile app
  5. Select the image and click UPLOAD. All the images you upload will appear under Amazon Photos.

    Upload in Amazon Photos app

Creating an Album on Amazon Photos Using the Desktop App

Creating an album may seem straightforward, but the feature is on another webpage. Fortunately, it's easy to find, and creating an album is just as simple.

  1. Go to the Amazon Photos website and click Get started.

    Get started in Amazon Photos app
  2. In the new Amazon Photos page, click on the Add button on top.

    Add button in Amazon Photos app
  3. Click Create album in this new drop down menu.

    Create Album in Amazon Photos app
  4. Select the images you want to be a part of this new album.

    Choose Photos in Amazon Photos app
  5.  Then click on the Create album button at the top.

    Create Album in Amazon Photos app
  6. Name the album in the next window and click the Save album button in the corner.

    Save Album in Amazon Photos app

Creating an Album on the Mobile App

The Album feature for the Amazon Photos mobile app is tucked away in the menus. Once you find it, you can create an album quickly.

  1. Click on the three dots in the corner of the mobile app and select Create Album.

  2. Give the album a title, then click Next when it appears.

    Create Album, Album Title, and Next in Amazon Photos mobile app
  3. Select the photos you want to comprise your album then click Create.

  4. Your new album appears in the following window.

    Create and finished album in Amazon Photos mobile app

Can Anyone See My Amazon Photos Account?

By default, you are the only person who can see the photos you upload to Amazon Photos. You have to actively give someone else access for them to see your photos.

You can, however, share photos or videos via text message, email, or social media. Amazon Photos allows its users to create members-only groups where you can share images with other people.

  • What happens to my Amazon Photos if I cancel Prime?

    When you cancel Amazon Prime, you give up your unlimited Amazon Photos storage. If you already have more than 5G worth of photos, you can still access and download your images, but you can't upload anymore. You can purchase additional storage space without subscribing to Prime.

  • Does Amazon own your photos?

    No. You retain the rights to all of your photos, and Amazon does not share your photos or any data collected from them.

  • How do I use Amazon Photos on my Fire Stick?

    Upload the photos you want to view to your online storage. Then, open the Amazon Photos app on your Fire Stick to see all of your uploaded photos.

  • Can I transfer Google Photos to Amazon Photos?

    Yes. Use Google Takeout to export your Google Photos to a file. Then, drag the Google Photos folder into the Amazon Photos app on your computer.

  • How do I delete photos from Amazon Photos?

    Choose the photos you wish to delete, then select Move to Trash > Delete. Unfortunately, there is no way to delete all of your Amazon photos at once, so you'll have to choose them individually.

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