Use Your 3G Mobile Data To Save Money on Free Calls

Getting VoIP and Your Data Plan to Make Free Calls

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You have a 3G mobile phone or portable device and you have a 3G mobile broadband connection, which you use to check your email, surf the web, download music, and other media. You can use your 3G mobile phone to make free or very cheap phone calls using VoIP (Voice over IP) applications and services, and to any destination worldwide.

Mobile VoIP is becoming more and more common with the expansion of wireless media and many people are already using VoIP to make free calls or cheap ones to their local or international contacts. You only need to use your 3G mobile device and 3G connection and register for free with one of the numerous VoIP services for mobile phones available on the market, after having downloaded and installed their applications on your 3G mobile device. Some even allow you to make the calls without having to install anything, through their web interface.

What You Need

You need, of course, a smartphone that supports 3G, which is becoming the norm nowadays.

You also need a SIM card that has 3G data support. Most probably the SIM card you have on your phone is a good one, but you want to check with your provider in case you have an old one. Replacement is quick, cheap and easy. 

Then you need a data plan, which is a service you pay for in order to remain connected with your phone to the Internet over the service provider's 3G network. Data plans are prepaid, often along with your cellular payment. The most common scenario is paying for an amount of data, for example, 1GB, that is to be used over a month and that costs some bucks. 

Finally, you need to have your mobile phone configured to use 3G. In fact, you can do the tweaks yourself, but need some technical information specific to your service provider. So you have to get back to them. Call customer service or go to their website and check how they configure their mobile network and get the access point name among some other stuff. Ultimately, you may want to just call at one of their offices with your phone and have them do the job. 

Using 3G

You can use your 3G connection to connect to the Internet for anything, but as your megabytes are counted, you want to make judicious use of that data. It is no longer the number of minutes you use, but the amount of data. 

You want to restrict your consumption to important things like email, instant messaging, surfing, and other simple stuff. Many people avoid playing streaming videos on their data plan. They use WiFi instead. 

VoIP communication is great with 3G, save it from eating your data, which is normal, but it also makes it finally 'not free'. You need to know which VoIP apps to use. Try to avoid video calling if you are running out of data, and choose those VoIP apps that use the least data for calls. 

Always be aware of how much data your VoIP is costing you, and use mobile data managers for your smartphone to stay in control.