Useful Tips for Succesful Mobile App Branding

Foursquare stickers
foursquare Stickers" ( CC BY 2.0) by  bfishadow

It is understood and widely acknowledged by mobile app marketers all over the world, that they need to market and hard sell their apps in order to succeed. But how does one get started with all this? How can a marketer become successful in his mobile app branding venture?

One has to understand that rushing ahead and crafting a mobile application for a single or multiple platforms may not work out to be the best solution for the company, marketing-wise. It is also important to know that no single platform can be right for all mobile app brands.

There are basically three types of mobile app brands.

  • Mobile Web apps exist to give the user a better browsing experience. Google Maps is a good example of a successful app brand.
  • Apps such as Shazam, Foursquare and so on did very well in the market because they offered something that users had never before experienced on their mobile devices.
  • Traditional app brands that have been around for a long time and keep delivering consistently good performance to users.

Any brand needs to focus on its customers if it has to succeed in the market. In order to be able to capture maximum user attention, a mobile app has to be consistent with users' expectations of the claims made by the company and deliver a quality user experience as well.

Putting it All Together

Here is what you can do to achieve success with mobile app branding:

  1. Remember, the consumer is King. It is, of course, important that your app is fun to use, but it should also be of utility value to the customer. Your customer is the key here and nothing else is more important than him/her.
  2. You need to analyze the users' needs and motives for using the app and then make a marketing and branding plan accordingly.
  3. Take into consideration the strengths and weaknesses of all the mobile platforms you are creating the app for. Each mobile platform behaves differently, so plan your app functionality accordingly.
  4. Test your app thoroughly before submitting it to an app store. An app that crashes or freezes frequently can spell disaster for its own brand image.
  5. Any mobile application can be effective in the market only and only if it offers something unique to the customer. In these days of competition, the customer can easily get what he/she is looking for online. In such a case scenario, your app brand can survive only if it can engage the user, while also being usable and consistent with the promises your company makes about it.
  6. Once the previous step is done, you will have to set media and other marketing support plans in motion. Getting an app into the market without giving it enough marketing support is a sure-fire way to get it bombed, so marketing is an essential component of branding your mobile app.
  7. Make your app easily referable to your users' friends. This way, your app stays in people's minds much longer than usual and also helps get your app higher ratings. The higher the positive rating, the more popularity and attention it will win in the market.
  8. Providing frequent updates for your app goes a long way to help with mobile app branding, as keeps it fresh in the eyes of the consumer. Therefore, keep adding data and functionalities to it, as and when possible.