How to Use Yahoo! Mail Keyboard Shortcuts

Human hands on computer keyboard with one hand using computer mouse
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Yahoo! Mail no only comes with an easy desktop program-like interface that allows for mouse pointing and clicking, it also includes countless keyboard shortcuts that can be faster for essential actions you take over and over—especially if you have your fingers hovering above the keyboard anyway.

To do things fast in Yahoo! Mail, remember the following keyboard shortcuts.

Note: If you are on a Mac, replace Ctrl with Command in all Yahoo! Mail keyboard shortcuts.

On the "Home" Tab or Viewing a Folder

  • New email message: N
  • New email message (in a separate browser window): Shift-N
  • New instant messaging chat: C
  • Check for new mail (in your Yahoo! Mail account): M
  • Check for new mail (in all accounts): Shift-M
  • Select all emails: Ctrl-A
  • Go to the tab to the right: Ctrl-]
  • Go to the tab to the left: Ctrl-[

With a Message is Open or Checked in the List

  • Reply by email: R
  • Reply by email (in a separate browser window): Shift-R
  • Delete the message: Del
  • Move the message: D (use the arrow keys to select the desired target folder, then hit Enter)
  • Move the message to a specific folder: 1 to 9 (1 moves to the first folder in the list under Folders, 2 to the second, and so on)
  • Reply to all by email: A
  • Reply to all by email (in a separate browser window): Shift-A
  • Forward by email: F
  • Forward by email (in a separate browser window): Shift-F
  • Mark the message as unread: Shift-K
  • Mark the message as read: K
  • Flag the message for follow-up: L
  • Remove an existing flag from the message: Shift-L
  • Print the message: P

With an Email Open in the Preview Pane or Its Own Tab

  • Search inside the message: Ctrl-F
  • Go to the next occurrence (while searching): Enter
  • Open the next message: Ctrl-.
  • Open the previous message: Ctrl-,

Reading a Message in Its Own Tab or a Separate Browser Window

  • Close the tab or window: Esc
  • Search inside the message: Ctrl-F
  • Go to the next occurrence (while searching): Enter

Composing a Message

  • Send: Ctrl-Enter
  • Save as draft: Ctrl-S
  • Attach a file: Ctrl-Shift-U
  • Underline highlighted text: Ctrl-U
  • Italizise highlighted text: Ctrl-I
  • Make highlighted text bold: Ctrl-B
  • Higlihght all text: Ctrl-A
  • Left-align text: Ctrl-Shift-L
  • Right-align text: Ctrl-Shift-R
  • Center text: Ctrl-Shift-E