How to Use Yahoo! Mail Keyboard Shortcuts

Beautiful girl hands typing on computer keyboard

paolomartinezphotography/Getty Images

Yahoo! Mail not only comes with an easy desktop program-like interface that allows for mouse pointing and clicking, it also includes countless keyboard shortcuts that can be faster for essential actions you take over and over — especially if you have your fingers hovering above the keyboard anyway.

To do things fast in Yahoo! Mail, remember the following keyboard shortcuts.

Note: If you are on a Mac, replace Ctrl with Command in all Yahoo! Mail keyboard shortcuts.

On the "Home" Tab or Viewing a Folder

  • New email message: N
  • New email message (in a separate browser window): Shift-N
  • New instant messaging chat: C
  • Check for new mail (in your Yahoo! Mail account): M
  • Check for new mail (in all accounts): Shift-M
  • Select all emails: Ctrl-A
  • Go to the tab to the right: Ctrl-]
  • Go to the tab to the left: Ctrl-[

With a Message Is Open or Checked in the List

  • Reply by email: R
  • Reply by email (in a separate web browser window): Shift-R
  • Delete the message: Del
  • Move the message: D (use the arrow keys to select the desired target folder, then hit Enter)
  • Move the message to a specific folder: 1 to 9 (1 moves to the first folder in the list under Folders, 2 to the second, and so on)
  • Reply to all by email: A
  • Reply to all by email (in a separate browser window): Shift-A
  • Forward by email: F
  • Forward by email (in a separate browser window): Shift-F
  • Mark the message as unread: Shift-K
  • Mark the message as read: K
  • Flag the message for follow-up: L
  • Remove an existing flag from the message: Shift-L
  • Print the message: P

With an Email Open in the Preview Pane or Its Own Tab

  • Search inside the message: Ctrl-F
  • Go to the next occurrence (while searching): Enter
  • Open the next message: Ctrl-.
  • Open the previous message: Ctrl-,

Reading a Message in Its Own Tab or a Separate Browser Window

  • Close the tab or window: Esc
  • Search inside the message: Ctrl-F
  • Go to the next occurrence (while searching): Enter

Composing a Message

  • Send: Ctrl-Enter
  • Save as draft: Ctrl-S
  • Attach a file: Ctrl-Shift-U
  • Underline highlighted text: Ctrl-U
  • Italizise highlighted text: Ctrl-I
  • Make highlighted text bold: Ctrl-B
  • Higlihght all text: Ctrl-A
  • Left-align text: Ctrl-Shift-L
  • Right-align text: Ctrl-Shift-R
  • Center text: Ctrl-Shift-E