How to Use Yahoo Mail Keyboard Shortcuts

Compose, delete, and find messages faster in Yahoo Mail

What to Know

  • Inbox and folder shortcuts: Start a new email message: N. Select all emails: Ctrl+A. Search: S.
  • Message shortcuts: Reply to sender: R. Delete the message: Del. Reply to all: A. Forward message: F. Search for text: Ctrl+F.
  • Compose message shortcuts: Send: Ctrl+Enter. Save as draft: Ctrl+S. Attach a file: Ctrl+Shift+U.

Yahoo Mail supports keyboard shortcuts that make it possible to compose, delete, and search for messages without using a mouse. Whether you're a Windows or Mac user, learn Yahoo Mail keyboard shortcuts to stay on top of your communications.

Yahoo Mail Basic does not support keyboard shortcuts.

Yahoo Mail Inbox and Folder Shortcuts

The following shortcuts are available while viewing your inbox or the contents of a folder.

On a Mac, replace Ctrl with Command in all Yahoo Mail keyboard shortcuts.

Action Keyboard Shortcut
Start a new email message N
Check for new Yahoo Mail messages M
Check for new mail across all accounts Shift+M
Select all emails Ctrl+A
Search S

Message Shortcuts

These shortcuts are available while viewing messages or when messages are selected from a list.

Action Keyboard Shortcut
Reply to sender R
Delete the message Del
Reply to all A
Forward message F
Mark message as read K
Mark message as unread Shift+K
Flag message for follow-up L
Remove existing flag from the message Shift+L
Print the message P
Search for text inside a message Ctrl+F
Go to the next occurrence (while searching) Enter
Move the message D+Arrow keys (select the desired target folder and press Enter), or type the number for the corresponding folder

Shortcuts for Composing Messages

These shortcuts are available while composing a message.

Action Keyboard Shortcut
Send Ctrl+Enter
Save as draft Ctrl+S
Attach a file Ctrl+Shift+U
Underline highlighted text Ctrl+U
Italicize highlighted text Ctrl+I
Make highlighted text bold Ctrl+B
Highlight all text Ctrl+A
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