How to Use the PS5 Web Browser

You need a Twitter account to get to the PS5's web browser

What to Know

  • To connect a Twitter account to PS5, go to Settings > Users and Accounts > Link with... > Twitter > Link Account.
  • You need a Twitter account to use the PS5's web browser. Then you can go to Twitter's website and click links on Twitter to visit other sites.
  • The PS5 web browser is very limited. You can't enter URLs, and some website features may not work.

This article explains how to access the PS5 web browser by linking to a Twitter account. Instructions apply to the PlayStation 5 Standard and Digital Editions.

How to Use the PS5 Web Browser

You will need to create a Twitter account before you can use the PS5 browser. Once you've done that, follow these steps to access the web:

  1. From the Home screen, open Settings.

    The Settings icon on the PS5 home screen
  2. Go to Users and Accounts.

    Users and Accounts in PS5 Settings
  3. Select Link with Other Services.

    The "Link with Other Services" button
  4. Select Twitter.

    The Twitter option in "Link with Other Services"
  5. Choose Link Account.

    The "Link Account" command
  6. Select the Twitter icon above the login fields.

    The Twitter icon on a PS5
  7. Log in to your Twitter account.

    The Twitter login screen on a PS5
  8. Navigate the website with the PS5 controller, using the analog stick to move the cursor. You'll have access to the whole Twitter web interface.

If you go to the User Guide in the system settings, it will load in the PS5 web browser, but you cannot access other websites.

PS5 Web Browser Features

There's no way to enter URLs in the PS5 web browser; however, you can follow any link in a tweet or profile description by selecting it. If the website you want to visit has a Twitter account, use the Twitter search bar to find its profile page, then look for a link in the profile description.

The PS5 browser boasts a few useful features and several limitations:

  • The PS5 browser displays most text and pictures on websites.
  • You can watch videos on sites like Twitch and YoutTube, but you can't view them in fullscreen mode.
  • Multimedia such as web-based games and other interactive content may work if it's coded in HTML and Javascript; Flash isn't supported.
  • Some web apps like Slack work with limited functionality.
  • Music streaming services such as Spotify will load in the web browser, but they won't play music.

Connect a USB keyboard to make it easier to type and navigate menus using the arrow keys. Even with a keyboard attached, there is no way to enter a URL.

What Web Browser Does PS5 Use?

The PS5 web browser does not have an official name because it is not an advertised feature. There's no way to access the web without going through Twitter. While there is a section for web browser settings in the PS5 system settings, the options don't seem to affect the actual browser.

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