How to Use Voice Isolation on iOS 15

How to block out distracting background noise on FaceTime

What to Know

  • Start a FaceTime call > Control Center > toggle the Mic Mode to Voice Isolation.
  • Voice Isolation uses machine learning to block out ambient sound in favor of your voice.
  • It only works on newer iPhones. 

This article teaches you how to use the voice isolation microphone mode on iOS 15 and explains what it does as well as any limitations it may have.

How Do You Do Voice Isolation on FaceTime? 

Voice Isolation mode is a useful feature in iOS 15 for blocking out background noise when taking a FaceTime call. It only requires a few steps to implement. Here's how to do it.

  1. Open FaceTime on your iPhone.

  2. Start a video or audio call with someone.

  3. Swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen to open Control Center.

  4. Tap Mic Mode.

  5. Tap Voice Isolation

    Steps on iOS 15 to enable Voice isolation on FaceTime

    The Mic Mode setting only appears when you're actually on a voice or video call. It won't appear in the Control Center in any other situation.

  6. Swipe away to dismiss Control Center and return to the call.

  7. Voice Isolation is now active on the call.

What Does Voice Isolation Do?

Voice Isolation is a new mode on iOS 15 which aims to separate your voice from any background noises occurring during FaceTime calls. It helps your voice remain in focus throughout the call, silencing any ambient noises around you.

It achieves this through advanced machine learning so your iPhone is able to detect what's your voice and what is background noise.

By doing so, the focus is placed on your voice rather than what's going on around you which can be particularly useful when taking a call somewhere busy or noisy. Effectively, it's a form of personalized noise cancellation for the recipient of your call. 

Why Would You Use Voice Isolation Mode?

Voice Isolation mode is useful in various situations throughout your daily life. Here's a look at some of the best examples.

  • When taking a call somewhere noisy. If you're taking a FaceTime call while walking down a busy street, it can be hard to be heard. By using Voice Isolation, you can cancel out background noise more effectively than before.
  • When calling someone with hearing issues. If you're calling someone with hearing issues, Voice Isolation will help elevate your voice so they can hear you more clearly. 
  • When wanting a crisper call. FaceTime typically delivers fairly crisp sounding calls but Voice Isolation makes the calls sound even clearer. Turning it on is a win-win situation. 

Does Voice Isolation Work With Other Apps?

The technology is there for Voice Isolation to work with other third-party apps so it's not exclusive to FaceTime. However, it requires the feature to be enabled by the app developer and at this time, there aren't any alternatives out there. Expect to see it introduced elsewhere soon.

Does Voice Isolation Work With Older iPhones? 

Voice Isolation requires an A12 Bionic chip or newer so it isn't available on iPhone X or older devices. 

  • When is iOS 15 coming out?

    iOS 15 launched on September 20th, 2021 alongside Apple's iPhone 13, though betas for iOS 15 began releasing in June of 2021 up through its final release date. iPadOS 15 was also released on September 20th, 2021.

  • What iPhones will get iOS 15?

    You can install and use iOS 15 on any iPhone that's an iPhone 6S or newer. iOS 15 is also available on 7th generation iPod Touches. iPadOS 15 is available for any iPad that's iPad Air 2 or newer.

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