Using VLC Media Player to Directly Stream Songs From Jamendo

Streaming Music in VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is well-known for being a very versatile alternative to other software media players such as iTunes and Windows Media Player. It can handle just about any media format that you care to try, and it also doubles as a format converter too. Most users typically use it to play locally stored media files or watch movies on DVD / Blu-ray.

But, did you know that it can also stream music from the Internet?

We've already covered in another tutorial how to listen to IceCast radio stations using VLC, but did you know that it can also stream individual songs and albums from the Jamendo music service?

Unlike listening to an Internet radio stream where you can't pick particular songs or play the same track multiple times, being able to use Jamendo in VLC gives you more flexibility. It's essentially a ready-made cloud music library that's free and legal. You can browse selected songs and also stream the top 100 tracks in various genres.

Streaming From the Jamendo Music Service

In this guide, you'll see how to cherry pick songs in a chosen genre and how to create a playlist of your favorites. If you haven't got VLC Media Player then the latest version can be downloaded from the official VideoLan website.

  1. On VLC Media Player's main screen, click the View menu tab and choose the Playlist option. If you don't see a menu bar at the top of the screen you probably have the minimal interface enabled. If this is the case then right-click on VLC Media Player's screen and select View > Minimal Interface to disable it. Incidentally, holding down the CTRL key and pressing H on your keyboard (Command+H for Mac) does the same thing.
  2. After switching views, you should now see the playlist screen with options running down the left side. Expand the Internet option in the left menu pane if necessary by double-clicking it.
  3. Click on the Jamendo Selections option.
  4. After a few seconds, you should start to see the streams that are available on Jamendo displayed in VLC's main screen.
  5. When all the streams have been populated in VLC, look down the list to see a genre you'd like to explore. You can expand sections by clicking on the + next to each one to reveal a list of available tracks.
  6. To stream a track, double-click on one to start it playing.
  7. If you like a particular song then you might want to consider bookmarking it by creating a custom playlist. To add a song, simply right-click the song and choose the Add to Playlist option.
  8. The list of songs you've bookmarked can be displayed by clicking the Playlist option at the top of the left menu pane. To save it, click Media > Save Playlist to File.


  • Step 1: if you prefer using the keyboard then hold down the CTRL key and press L to view the playlist screen (Command+L for Mac).
  • You can download tracks using VLC Media Player (right-click a song and select Save). However, if you need to download quite a few songs then it's far better to use the Jamendo website or a streaming music download tool instead.