iPhone Music Timer to Stop Music at Bedtime

Nod off to your favorite tunes confident they won't play all night

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A timer is integrated into the Clock app that ships with the iPhone. This timer does more than set a number of minutes before an alert tone goes off. It also stops playing music after a specified amount of time. If you like to listen to music as you go to sleep, use the Stop Playing setting so that your iPhone doesn't play music all night long.

Instructions in this article apply to iPhones running iOS 12.

Set Up the Timer to Stop Music

The timer only needs to be set up one time. After you set up the timer, turn on the music and nod off to your favorite tunes, confident your iPhone will turn off the music when you want.

  1. On the iPhone home screen, tap the Clock app.

  2. Go to the row of icons at the bottom of the screen and tap Timer. Depending on the way you used the Clock app previously, another icon may be active.

  3. Use the two virtual spin wheels to set the countdown timer for the hours and minutes to play music. For example, to play the music for an hour after you go to bed, set the time to 1 hour.

    Clock icon, Timer button, timer settings on iPhone
  4. Tap When Timer Ends to display a list of available alert tones and ringtones.

  5. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap Stop Playing to place a check mark in front of it. Then, tap Set to save your choice and return to the Timer screen.

    Timer, Stop Playing, and Set buttons in iOS Clock app
  6. When you go to bed, select Clock > Timer > Start to activate the timer.

    Start button in iOS Clock app
  7. The music stops playing automatically after the time you set elapses.


To play the songs stored on your iPhone, tap the Music app on the iPhone home screen, go to the Library tab, and select a playlist or artist.

The timer app runs in the background like a sleep timer on a TV, but it doesn't turn off the iPhone. It just pauses the music.

Other Clock App Features

The Clock app is more than a timer. Here are the other features you'll find in the Clock:

  • World Clock: Set the World Clock to display several time zones. It comes with hundreds of U.S. and international cities.
  • Alarm: Find your customized alarms in the Alarm screen. Each alarm can be set to repeat on selected days and play a tone from a library. It also has a snooze feature.
  • Bedtime: Use the Bedtime tab to set up the Do Not Disturb During Bedtime feature and receive a reminder when it's time to go to bed. Pick a favorite wake up sound and customize by days of the week.
  • Stopwatch: Tap Start on the Stopwatch to record the passage of time until you stop it.