How to Use Tags to Organize Word Documents

Microsoft Word Tags Make Finding and Organizing Your Documents Easier

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You can add tags, or keywords, to Microsoft Word documents to make them easier to find again later. By default, when you save a Word document, there are no tags saved along with it, but you can add your own custom tags before or after you make the document.

Tags are useful in Microsoft Word documents so that when you are looking for a document on your computer, you don't have to hope that you're searching for the same words you chose as the file name. Instead, if you chose appropriate tags, finding one document among all your others is as easy as searching for one of the tag words.

For example, maybe you have two dozen research projects on a flash drive, each of which have non-descriptive or nearly identical file names like project.docx, otherdocument.docx, otherdocument1.docx, etc. If you need to quickly find the one that's for your biology class, you could search in that folder for biology to find the documents you've tagged with the word "biology."

How to Insert Tags Into Word Files

You can tag a Microsoft Word document by typing your tag words or phrases in the Tags area of the "Save As" dialog box.

These steps are valid for Word 2016, 2013, and 2010. Microsoft Word Online does not support adding tags.

  1. Go to File > Save As > Browse.

    Word 2010 should go to File > Save As.

  2. Choose where to save the document and write a name for it.

  3. Click Add a tag under the file's name and format options.

  4. Write a tag in the space provided.

    To write multiple tags for one Word document, put a semicolon at the end of each tag. For example, biology; school; project;.

    MS Word might recommend tags for you as you type. You can select them and/or write your own custom tags.

  5. Click Save.

Another way to add tags to a Word document is to open its Details tab from File/Windows Explorer. You can do this even if you don't have Microsoft Word installed.

  1. Find the Word document.

  2. Right-click it and choose Properties.

  3. Open the Details tab.

  4. Click next to Tags and enter the keywords.

  5. Click OK.

How to Edit Word Document Tags

There are a few ways to edit the tags you've added to a Word document. You can either repeat one of the methods described above or find and edit the same tags in the Info pane of Microsoft Word.

These steps are identical for Word 2016, 2013, and 2010.

  1. Open the Word document.

  2. Go to File > Info.

  3. Click one of the tags from the "Properties" area on the right.

  4. Edit the tags.

  5. Click Save from the left side menu.

You can also remove all the tags in a Word file without following the above steps. Just open the file's properties and choose to delete all the tags.

  1. Locate the document in File/Windows Explorer.

  2. Right-click the file and choose Properties.

  3. Click Remove Properties and Personal Information from the Details tab.

  4. Click Remove the following properties from this file.

  5. Put a check in the box next to Tags.

  6. Click OK.