How to Use Split Screen on Android

Access multitasking mode from the Recent Apps screen

What to Know

  • Open Recent Apps > long press an app/tap associated app icon > tap Split Screen or Open in split screen view.
  • After selecting the first app to view in split screen, tap another app.
  • To go back to a single app, drag the divider all the way to the top or bottom of the screen.

This article explains how to use the split screen feature on Android devices to view two apps at one time.

How to Multitask on Android

Split screen is a multitasking function that allows you to view two apps on your phone at once. This allows you to interact with both apps in addition to seeing them on the screen.

To use split screen, you need to have Android 7.0 or newer. It relies on the Recent Apps view to get started, so you need to have used both apps recently. If you haven't, you can open one app, then open the other, and then you'll be ready to start using them in split screen.

Here’s how to use split screen on Android:

  1. Open Recent Apps.

    • Most newer Androids: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen until your recent apps appear.
    • Some older versions: Tap the recent apps icon at the bottom of the screen, which is typically located to the left or right of the home button.
    • Some older devices: Press the physical recent apps button on your phone that looks like two overlapping rectangles.
    • Samsung Galaxy: Tap the recent apps button next to the home button.
  2. Tap the app icon for the first app.

    You may need to long press the app instead.

  3. Tap Split Screen.

    Initial steps to take to use split screen in Android.

    On Samsung devices, tap Open split screen view.

  4. Tap the second app.

  5. The apps will open in split screen mode.

    Last steps to add a second app to split screen in Android.

    How to Adjust and Change Apps in Android Split Screen Mode

    When in split screen mode, you can press and drag the divider between the apps to adjust the amount of screen that’s assigned to each one. You can also swap out the bottom app by opening Recent Apps and tapping a different app.

    Here’s how to adjust and change apps in Android split-screen mode:

  6. To adjust app size, press and hold the divider line.

  7. Drag up or down.

  8. Release the divider line when each app is the desired size.

    Initial steps to take to change apps when in split screen mode in Android.
  9. To switch apps, open Recent Apps while in split screen mode.

  10. Tap a different app.

  11. The new app will open in split screen mode.

    Final steps to take to switch apps in split screen mode in Android.

How to Quit Android Split Screen Mode

Quitting split screen mode is similar to resizing one of the app windows, and it involves dragging the divider bar. When you’re done with split screen mode, press and hold the divider, then drag it all the way to the top or bottom of the screen. Depending on which way you drag the line, either the top or bottom app will open in full screen, and split screen mode will end.

Here’s how to switch from split screen mode to single app view on Android:

  1. Press and hold the divider line between the apps.

  2. Drag up to keep the bottom app, or down to keep the top app.

  3. Continue dragging until you reach the top or bottom of the screen.

  4. Lift your finger, and the phone will switch back to the standard single app view.

    Annotated steps to go from split screen to a single screen app in Android.
  • How do I split the screen on an iPad?

    Apple's version of split screen is called Split View, and it lets you open two apps side-by-side when the tablet is in landscape orientation. To use it with two compatible apps, select the three-dot menu at the top of the screen, and then tap the Split View button. Choose a second app from your Home screen to open it next to the first one.

  • How do I split the screen on a Mac?

    Apple added Split View to the Mac starting with macOS Catalina (10.15). To use it, mouse over the green button in the upper-left corner of an app (to the right of the minimize button) until a menu appears. Choose Tile Window to Left/Right of Screen, and then select a second open window to add the second app.

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