How to Use PowerPoint Slide Master Layouts

Use the Slide Master to effect a uniform appearance for your presentation

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To ensure that all the slides in your PowerPoint presentation to have the same look, use the Slide Master. Apply fonts and styles, add multimedia, and insert footnotes. Changes to the Slide Master affect all the slides in the presentation.

Instructions in this article apply to PowerPoint 2019, 2016, and 2013; PowerPoint for Microsoft 365, and PowerPoint for Mac.

Access the PowerPoint Slide Master

A screenshot showing how to access Slide Sorter view in PowerPoint

The PowerPoint Slide Master is like a style sheet for your presentations. Changes made to the Slide Master apply to the slides that are created after you format the Slide Master.

To access the Slide Master in a PowerPoint presentation, select View > Slide Master.

Change the Layout in the Slide Master

The Slide Master view contains all the slide layouts used in PowerPoint. The Slides pane displays thumbnail images of the slide master (the top thumbnail image) and the related slide layouts (the smaller thumbnail images located below the slide master).

A screenshot showing the Slide Master view in PowerPoint

Changing the font on the slide master affects the text placeholders on all slides. However, not all placeholders are affected by changes made to the slide master. You may need to make additional changes to the different slide layouts.

Make changes to the Slide Master before you create a presentation. If you change the font style or color on a slide before you edit the slide master and slide layouts, the formatting is retained on those slides.

To make changes in the Slide Master:

  1. Select the slide master. It's the top thumbnail in the Slide pane.

    A screenshot showing the slide master in Slide Master view in PowerPoint
  2. Go to the Slide Master tab to change the theme, theme colors, fonts, and background for the entire presentation.

    A screenshot showing how to change the theme in the PowerPoint Slide Master
  3. In the Slides pane, select a slide layout thumbnail and make changes to the layout master, if needed.

Close the PowerPoint Slide Master

After you've made all your changes to the slide master, select Slide Master > Close Master View to return to the presentation slides.

A screenshot showing how to close Slide Master view in PowerPoint

Each new slide you add to the presentation takes on the changes you made. You'll save time by not having to make edits to every individual slide. Your presentation will have a uniform and professional look.

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