Use Skype Split Chat Windows Mode for Windows 10

Open individual windows for every chat

Skype split view on Windows

Skype's new split view mode allows you to open chats in their own individual windows while leaving your main contact list separate. It helps keep your conversations organized, so you're not relying on push notifications and fumbling around with multiple contacts and chats.

Skype version 14 for Windows 10 is required to use split view mode. Remember to keep your version of Skype updated.

How to Enable Split View Mode in Skype on Windows 10

  1. Enter "Skype" into Windows' search, then select Open when the results populate.

    A screenshot of Windows 10 searching for Skype
  2. Select Sign in or create, then enter your username and password in the following windows.

    Sign in or create button on Skype's sign-in screen
  3. Select the horizontal ellipsis menu in the upper right corner of your contact window; then select Enable split view mode.

    Enable split view mode in Skype's main menu
  4. Open existing conversations or select a contact to start a new one.

    Existing conversation selected in Skype
  5. With each conversation in a separate window, you can move them around your desktop as you wish.

    Separate windows for each Skype chat
  6. In split view mode, you can also access each conversation from the taskbar.

    All Skype chats in the Windows taskbar
  7. To disable split view mode, select the horizontal ellipsis menu in the top right corner of your contact window, then select Disable split view mode.

    Disable split view mode in Skype main menu
  8. That's it!