How to Use the S Pen With a Galaxy Book Pro 360

It just works. Really!

What to Know

  • The S Pen is included with Samsung’s Galaxy Book Pro 360.
  • It doesn’t need to be paired and doesn’t need to be charged.
  • The Galaxy Book Pro 360 automatically detects the S Pen when it’s within a few millimeters of the touchscreen.

This article provides instructions on how to use the S Pen with the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360, including Air Settings, and how to get support for the S Pen.

How Do I Use the S Pen With My Galaxy Book Pro 360?

Samsung's Galaxy Book Pro 360 is compatible with the S Pen, a digital stylus you can use to draw on the 2-in-1's touchscreen. The S Pen is included with the 2-in-1. Here's how to use the S Pen with your Galaxy Book Pro 360.

The S Pen that ships with the Galaxy Book Pro 360 does not use Bluetooth and does not rely on an internal battery. Instead, it uses a technology called electromagnetic resonance (EMR). This does not require a power source in the pen and doesn't require pairing to use the pen.

Put simply, your S Pen will immediately work out of the box. It works as a stylus in apps that support Windows Ink and as a cursor elsewhere. The Galaxy Book Pro 360 does not have a setting, menu or checkbox for pairing the S Pen.

How to Use the S Pen Button to Open Air Command

You'll find a single button on the S Pen. It can be used to open Air Command, a pop-up menu that provides quick access to unique Samsung features and apps. Here's how to use the S Pen button to open Air Command.

  1. Hold the S Pen close to the Galaxy Book Pro 360's display with the tip pointed towards the display. You should see a dot appear on the display near the tip of the S Pen.

    A photo of the Galaxy Book Pro 360 S Pen

  2. Press the S Pen button.

  3. The Air Command menu will open. Use the S Pen to tap one of the available shortcuts.

Using the S Pen button to open Air Command can be tricky. It won't work if the S Pen is even a hair too far from the display, or if the S Pen is held at too much of an angle. The key is to watch for the dot that appears on the display under the S Pen's tip. That indicates the S Pen is powered on and communicating with the Galaxy Book Pro 360.

How Can I Change S Pen Settings on My Galaxy Book Pro 360?

The S Pen for Galaxy Book Pro 360 lacks a Samsung-specific control panel or settings menu, but you can change Pen & Windows Ink settings that default to Windows 10.

Can I Use a Different S Pen With My Galaxy Book Pro 360?

Any S Pen sold by Samsung for the Galaxy Book Pro 360 will work.

In general, Samsung S Pen devices based on the same EMR technology as the Galaxy Book Pro 360's stylus will work. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is one example. Most third-party styluses using EMR will also work.

Samsung does not provide a list of officially supported first-party or third-party styluses. Third-party EMR styluses will often work, but you'll have to review their specifications for compatibility.

What Apps Support the S Pen?

You can use the S Pen as you would any digital stylus compatible with Windows. It works with Windows Ink and, because of that, works across a broad range of Windows applications. Any software compatible with a Windows Ink stylus will work with the S Pen.

Samsung also includes a number of unique apps that you won't find on Windows devices. Most of these are accessible through Air Command, but you can also find them through Windows Start or Windows Search.

  • PENUP: This is a basic digital art app similar to the Microsoft Paint3D app. It includes a community feature for sharing your work with other Samsung Galaxy owners.
  • Live Message: You can use this app to quickly jot down notes or drawings with the S Pen and send them to others who have the Live Message app.
  • Samsung Notes: This is a note app similar to Microsoft OneNote or Apple Notes. You can add notes by typing on the keyboard or writing with the S Pen.
  • Samsung Gallery: This is a photo and video viewing app similar to Windows' built-in Photos app. It includes stylus support for adding notes to photos.
  • How much does an S Pen cost?

    An S Pen is included in many compatible Samsung devices, such as Samsung’s Galaxy Book Pro 360, but you can purchase a replacement pen if needed. Amazon offers a variety of S Pen replacements ranging in price from $20 to $40, and Samsung's website has replacement S Pens for about $30.

  • Can I use the Samsung S Pen on all Samsung tablets?

    Yes, but there may be limitations. Samsung says that the S Pen that comes packaged with your specific device is designed for that device. However, since the general technology is the same between many S Pens, the S Pens will work on many devices, allowing you to jot notes, access apps, navigate the web, and more. You may encounter limitations, however. For example, if your device supports gesture controls, an older S Pen may not work as well.

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