Use Roku Hotel and Dorm Connect While Traveling or At School

Let your Roku tag along while away from home

Your Roku is small enough to go with you when you are away from. You can use it in a hotel room or even a dorm room.

Setting Up Your Roku in the Hotel or Dorm

Setting up the Roku in your new location is pretty much the same as when you set it up at home. You'll, of course, have to connect the Roku to Wi-Fi as you did at home, but this time with a few additional steps.

  1. Plug in your Roku stick or box to power.

    Roku Ultra and Streaming Stick - AC and USB Power Options
    Images by Robert Silva and Roku
  2. For Roku streaming sticks and boxes, plug it into the HDMI input on the TV you want to use.

    Roku Streaming Stick Connected To TV via HDMI
  3. Once you power on the TV, select the HDMI input that your Roku device is plugged into. You should see the Roku Logo or home screen.

    Roku 3600R Streaming Stick - Splash Logo
  4. Press the Home button on the Roku remote.

    Roku Home Page Example - Stick and Box
  5. Go to Settings > Network > Set Up Connection.

    Roku Settings — Network — Set Up Connection
  6. Select Wireless.

    Roku Network — Set Up Connection — Wired or Wireless
  7. Select the correct network to connect to.

    Roku — Choose Your Network
  8. Select "I am at a hotel or college dorm" when the onscreen prompt shown below is displayed.

    Roku Hotel and Dorm Connect
  9. Go to the Wi-Fi Settings on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop and make sure it is connected to the same Dorm/Hotel network you have selected for your Roku.

  10. Connect to the Roku Link displayed on your TV screen — Direct-roku-xxx-xxxxxx" on the smartphone or laptop and enter the designated password: xxxxxxxx.


    Roku Hotel and Dorm Connect Screen Prompt
  11. Using a browser on your smartphone or laptop, enter any additional required information, such as your name an room number.

    If the network setup times out during the Authentication process, select Try Again.

  12. Once the Wi-Fi setup is confirmed, your Roku device will return to the Network menu. The network name should match that for the hotel or dorm. The status should be listed as Connected. You can start using it like you used to.

Roku Dorm/Hotel Connect Alternative — Wi-Fi Hotspot

If you find that your Roku can't connect to the internet using the official hotel and dorm connect feature, you can use your computer or phone's connection to the internet. By creating an access point (or hotspot), your Roku can go through your computer or phone to get the content you want.

Streaming on Roku using a Wi-Fi HotSpot/Access Point will go against your data plan allocation (if you have one). This means that unless you have an account with unlimited data, you might reach your data cap pretty quick. For example at 1080p, you may eat up as much as 1GB per movie. Make sure your phone is connected to Wi-Fi and not using your cell carrier's connection (you most surely have a data cap on that connection).

Woman Using Tablet With WiFi
 Getty Images, Westend61, 926726696
  1. Once your phone or computer is connected to the school or hotel's internet connection, you'll need to turn on your computer or phone's hotspot feature.

    To create the hotspot, follow the steps required for your smartphone or laptop. If you haven't set up a WiFi hotspot before or need a refresher:

    Once your hotspot is established, you can proceed to connect your Roku.

  2. On your Roku device, go to Network > Setup Connection > Wireless, and find your Hotspot/Access Point on the list of available networks.

  3. Select the Hotspot/Access Point and enter its password on your Roku.

  4. Upon confirmation, you can start accessing your Roku Channels for viewing.

What You Need To Know Before Arriving At Your Location

In addition to packing your Roku gear, you should contact your Hotel or Dorm and ask them to confirm the following:

  • The location provides WiFi (and whether it is free or requires a daily, weekly, or monthly fee).
  • The location allows you to connect and use more than one device with their network at the same time.

This is important as you need to be able to use your smartphone, tablet, or laptop and the Roku device at the same time, especially during the initial setup procedure.

  • If using a Roku Streaming stick or box, confirm that the TV you will be using has an available HDMI connection that you can access from the TV's onboard or remote controls.
  • If you have a 4K-enabled streaming stick or box, and it it is connected to a TV that is not 4K-enabled, you will not be able to access 4K versions of streaming content.
  • Find out if the hotel imposes any daily data caps or if any weekly or monthly data caps are imposed by your dorm.
  • When you arrive at your hotel or dorm obtain that location's Network Name and Password.