How to Use Rich Text Formatting in Your iOS Mail Signature

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You can add bold face, italics and underlines to your iOS Mail signature's text.

Why Use Formatting in Your Signature?

It is the text, of course, that makes your emails' signature interesting, unique and useful. Need it be only the letters, though?

Would some bold letters not increase the whole signature's utility? Could italic script not help stress its uniqueness? Might an underline in the right place not heighten each recipient's interest?

For the signature used in iOS Mail on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, adding that kind of spiffiness and formatting is, thankfully, easy.

Use Rich Text Formatting in Your iOS Mail Signature

To apply formatting (bold face, italics and underlining) to the text of your iOS Mail email signature:

  • Open Settings.
  • Go to the Mail, Contacts, Calendars category.
  • Now select Signature.
  • Edit the signature's text as desired.
  • To add formatting:
    • Double-tap the word you want to format.
      • Use the text highlighting handles to select more or less words or characters.
    • In iOS Mail for iPhone and iPod touch:
      • Tap in the context menu that has appeared.
    • Select BIU from the menu.
    • For bold text:
      • Tap Bold.
    • For italicized text:
      • Tap Italics.
    • For underlined text:
      • Tap Underline.