Use Rich Text Formatting in Your iOS Mail Signature

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You set up email signatures in the Settings app on your iPhone or another iOS device. You can set up one signature for all your email accounts or a different signature for each account. Whenever you send an email from an account with a signature, the signature appears at the end of the email automatically.

It is possible to format the signature to contain boldface, italics, and underlines. This is a limited selection of rich text features. More features are available as you work on your email—such as color—but they aren't applied automatically.

Why Use Formatting in Your Signature?

The text of your email signature may be as short as your name. However, it could also contain your title, contact information, company name, or even a favorite quotation.

Perhaps using bold letters would increase the signature's utility. Italic script might heighten interest. An underline in the right place could draw the recipient's eye. Using all these effects in one signature might be a bit much, but judicious application of these rich text features can be beneficial.

For signatures used in iOS Mail on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, adding that kind of spiffiness and formatting is easy.

Use Rich Text Formatting in Your iOS Mail Signature

To apply boldface, italics, and underline formatting to the text of your iOS Mail email signature:

  1. Tap the Settings icon on the Home screen.

  2. Go to the Mail category.

  3. Select Signature.

  4. Edit the signature's text as desired. Double-tap any word you want to format.

  5. Use the text highlighting handles to select more or fewer words or characters.

  6. Tap B/U in the context menu that appears above the chosen word. If you don't see it, tap the arrow at the end of the context menu to reveal more options.​

  7. For bold text, tap Bold. For italicized text, tap Italics. For underlined text, tap Underline.

Exit the Signature screen. The next time you write an email, your formatted signature will appear at the end of it automatically.