How to Use PS5 Remote Play to Stream to PS4

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What to Know

  • On a PS5, go to Settings > System > Remote Play, highlight Enable Remote Play, and press X on your controller to toggle the switch on.
  • On a PS4, open the PS5 Remote Play app from the Home menu. Select Find Your PS5 or Connect to PS5-XXX.
  • Use a wired internet connection for best results. Sony recommends a connection speed of at least 15Mbps.

This article explains how to use the PS5 Remote Play app to play PS5 games on a PS4. Instructions apply to PlayStation 4 firmware version 8.0 and later.

How to Use PS5 Remote Play to Stream to PS4

The PlayStation 4 has a built-in PS5 Remote Play app that lets you stream games from your PlayStation 5. With it, you can connect your consoles to different TVs and pick up games from another room.

The PS5 Remote Play app should already be on your PlayStation 4, provided you've kept the firmware up to date.

  1. On your PlayStation 5, select Settings from the Home menu.

    Settings on a PS5
  2. Choose System.

    System in PS5 Settings
  3. Select Remote Play.

    The Remote Play option in PS5 Settings
  4. Highlight Enable Remote Play and press X on your controller to toggle the switch on.

    The switch is on when the circle is on the right side.

    The Enable Remote Play option
  5. On your PlayStation 4, open the PS5 Remote Play app from the Home menu.

    The PS5 Remote Play app on PS4
  6. Select Find Your PS5 at the bottom of the screen.

    The button may also say "Connect to PS5-XXX," where "XXX" is a three-digit number.

    The "Connect to PS5" button
  7. If you see a screen that says Before Connecting to Your PS5, click OK.

  8. Your PS4 should automatically connect to your PS5.

    Your PlayStation 5 must be on or in Rest Mode for the app to locate it.

    The PS5 home screen in the Remote Play app
  9. To disconnect from the PlayStation 5, press the PS button on your controller to open a Remote Play-specific menu.

    The Remote Play menu
  10. Select Disconnect.

    The Disconnect option
  11. A side menu will open to let you choose what to do with your PlayStation 5:

    • Leave Power On: This option only disconnects the PlayStation 4. Nothing will change on your PlayStation 5. Use it if you play to switch back to the PS5 to continue your game.
    • Put in Rest Mode: Use this command if you're done playing for now. It will place your PS5 into a low-power standby mode until you wake it up.
    The PS5 options in the Disconnect menu
  12. Whichever option you pick, your PS4 will return to the Connect screen in the PS5 Remote Play app.

Limitations Using PS5 Remote Play

You should be aware of a few limitations when you stream your PS5 to the PS4. Here are some things to consider:

  • You can not pair a PS5 controller with a PS4, so you may have trouble with some games that use the special features of the PlayStation 5's DualSense.
  • Titles that require peripherals like PlayStation VR won't work with Remote Play.
  • Depending on the speed of your network, you may experience some input lag while you're playing.
  • A standard PS4 won't be able to display in the PS5's full, 4K resolution.
  • The higher the resolution you use on the PS4, the more taxing it will be on your network.

How to Change the Resolution for PS5 Remote Play

You may lose the connection to your PS5 if your network can't handle the load between streaming from the PS5 and loading the image onto the PS4. The quickest way to fix this problem is to decrease the Remote Play app's display resolution on the PlayStation 4.

  1. Press Options on your PS4 controller on the Connection screen.

    The Connection screen in PS5 Remote Play
  2. Select Resolution.

    The Resolution option in PS5 Remote Play
  3. Choose a lower resolution, and press X.

    Resolution options for PS5 Remote Play
  4. Try to connect again.

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