How to Use Reading Mode on an iPhone or iPad

How to enable reader view in iOS and iPadOS

What to Know

  • Enter Reading Mode on a web page > aA in the address bar > Show Reader or Show Reader View.
  • To exit Reading Mode, tap aA in the address bar > Hide Reader or Hide Reader View.
  • Customize Reading Mode settings by entering Reading Mode > tap aA > choose color, font, and font size.

Reading Mode on the iPhone and iPad strips out ads and adjusts how web pages look to let you focus on reading the most important content. Here's how to turn Reading Mode on and off.

Reading Mode is only available in the Safari web browser.

How Do I Turn on Reading Mode on My iPhone or iPad?

The steps to turn on Reading Mode (aka Reader) are the same on the iPhone and iPad. To get a reading-optimized view of a web page, just follow these steps:

  1. Load the web page you want to view in Reading Mode.

  2. When the page has loaded, the address bar may display Reader Available. If so, tap it.

    Reading Mode is not supported by all websites. So, this prompt may not appear. Even if you follow the next step, you might not be able to use Reader if the site blocks it.

  3. If you don't tap the Reader Available text before it disappears, tap aA in the menu bar.

  4. Tap Show Reader or Show Reader View.

  5. The page reformats to a high-contrast, reading-friendly version. You're now in Reading Mode.

    Steps to turn on Reader Mode in Safari on an iPhone.

You can control how Reader looks to better match your preferences. To do this, enter reading mode and tap aA in the address bar. Choose the background color for the page, the font for the text, and make the text larger or smaller. These settings persist across other Reading Mode sessions until you change them.

How Do I Get My iPhone or iPad Out of Reading Mode? 

Steps to turn off Reader Mode in Safari on an iPhone.

If your iPhone or iPad is in reading mode and you're ready to get out, the steps are simple. Just tap aA in the address bar and then tap Hide Reader or Hide Reader View. This returns you back to the standard view of the web page.

Is There a Reading Mode on iPhone or iPad?

The iPhone operating system (iOS) has supported a reading-centric view in Safari for many years. Over time, it's been added to the iPad and Mac. Reading Mode provides the following benefits:

  • Removes ads.
  • Creates a high-contrast reading experience to improve focus and comprehension.
  • Improves accessibility for people with visual or cognitive impairments.
  • Allows customization of background color, font, and font size for more comfortable reading.
  • Allows Reader to be set as the default for a given website by enabling Reading Mode > Website Settings > Use Reader Automatically.
  • How do I clear Reading List items in Safari?

    On a Mac, press Control + Command + 2 in Safari to pull up the Reading List sidebar. Right-click the one to delete, and then select Remove Item. In the same menu, you can select Clear All Items to delete the entire Reading List. On an iPhone tap the History icon in Safari (it's shaped like a book), and then choose the icon shaped like spectacles to open Reading List. On the iPad, select the menu in the top left and then select Reading List. Swipe left on a link to remove it, or choose Edit to pick multiple sites.

  • How do I make Safari go into Dark Mode?

    Safari matches your system's settings for Dark Mode, so if you turn it on for macOS or iOS, it will be on for the browser. Sites compatible with Reader Mode will display articles with a dark background when this setting is on.

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