Can You Use a PS5 Controller on a PS4?

You can with an adapter. Here's what you'll need

What to Know

  • Because PS5 controllers aren't compatible with the PS4, you'll need to use a Bluetooth adapter.
  • The Mayflash Magic-S Pro is the best adapter for this purpose.

This article explains how to use a PS5 DualSense controller on PS4.

Bluetooth Adapters, PS4, and DualSense

The PS5 controller doesn't just work with the PS4, so you must pick up a Bluetooth adapter. This will usually come in the form of a USB device which needs to be plugged into the PS4. The adapter then pairs with the PS5 controller, via Bluetooth, while the PS4 recognizes the adapter as a generic Bluetooth controller.

Many sites online talk about using PlayStation's Remote Play to use a PS5 controller with PS4. However, this requires a secondary device, like a PC, and a wired connection as well as introduces latency to your gaming experience. Altogether, it's not a great way to game or use your DualSense controller.

Many different adapters will allow this functionality; however, make sure you're looking for PS4 compatibility and also DualSense support. An adapter may not be compatible with PS5, which is fine, but the important part is making sure an adapter is compatible with PS4 and the DualSense controller.

Mayflash Magic-S Pro


Set up using an adapter can vary, but in general, the process is largely the same. For the purposes of this article, we'll talk about using Mayflash's Magic-S Pro adapter because it meets the criteria laid out above.

How to Connect a PS5 Controller to a PS4 Console

Once you've got an adapter, all you'll need is your PS4 and your DualSense controller. Getting your controller working will only take a few seconds.

  1. Plug your adapter into your PS4 console via an open USB port.

  2. Once plugged in, press the pairing button on your adapter. Once it's in pairing mode (LED lights will be blinking), you'll need to put your DualSense in pairing mode, too.

  3. Hold the PlayStation button and the Create button on your DualSense controller to enter pairing mode. You'll see your controller start flashing blue when it's in pairing mode.

    Make sure your PS5 is off or, at least, that your DualSense controller is totally disconnected from your PS5 before you try to pair your controller with your adapter.

  4. Once both devices are in pairing mode at the same time, they will automatically connect to one another and pair.

  5. Once paired, you'll be able to start using your PS4 with your DualSense controller as you'd expect.

Limitations Using PS5 Controller With PS4 Console

Major features of the DualSense controller won't be usable on PS4.

This means that haptic feedback and adaptive triggers won't work when using your DualSense on PS4. Furthermore, your mileage may vary with functionality like holding the PlayStation button when your console is off to turn your console on.

Though, you won't have any trouble using all the standard features of your controller to play games, so no need to worry about being at a disadvantage.

  • How do I connect a PS4 controller to my PS5?

    To pair a PlayStation 4 controller to your PS5, plug it into the console via the controller charging cable and turn it on. A PS4 controller doesn't have features like adaptive triggers, but you can still play games.

  • How do I transfer data from my PS4 to a PS5?

    Transferring data between a PS4 and PS5 can be done via Cloud Storage, a Wi-Fi or wired internet connection, or by using a USB flash drive.

  • How do I upgrade my PS4 games to PS5?

    Log in to your PlayStation Network account on the PS5 and open the PlayStation Store, then search your Downloads library for the game you want to upgrade. Select the three dots next to Play Game, then choose the PS5 version to download and select Download. Note: This will only work with select digital game purchases.

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