How to Use Parental Controls on Kindle

Protect your child with Kindle parental controls

What to Know

  • Add each child to Amazon Household via your main Amazon account in order to enable Kindle controls.
  • Kindle Fire: Settings > Parental Controls and then configure each child for custom settings.
  • Kindle ereader: All Settings and then set the library with a PIN.

In this article, we’ll look at configuring parental controls on a Kindle device.

How Do I Set Up Parental Controls On My Kindle?

Parental controls help keep kids from viewing inappropriate content, and Amazon also allows you to hand-curate a library of books and other content for your family.

  1. Set up a separate account for each child in Amazon Household. Go to Your Account > Amazon Household and choose the appropriate age group. Enter the birth date and name, and save.

    The Family screen on the Amazon website.


    A “teen” account has more freedom, including the ability to shop independently, although you’ll need to approve an order. A “child” account is limited to Amazon Kids and the content you allow onto the device.

  2. Go to the Amazon My Content and Devices page and choose Content on the upper left. All content in your library is automatically configured to “Off” for a child’s profile. You can enable anything you own, including documents and files.

    The My Content and Devices page on Amazon's website.
  3. Enable parental controls on your Kindle device.

    On a Kindle Fire: 

    • Go to Settings > Parental Controls and toggle Parental Controls to On. You will be prompted to set a password that’s at least four characters long.  
    • Go back to the Settings menu and tap Profiles & Family Library. From there you’ll be able to set custom restrictions such as time limits and library access for each child.
    Parental Controls settings on Kindle Fire.

    On a Kindle ereader: 

    • Swipe down from the top of the ereader and choose All Settings > Parental Controls > Restrictions. This allows you to enable or disable the web browser, store, cloud, and access to the Goodreads social network. You will be prompted to set a PIN after you make your choices.
    • Press the Back arrow and choose Household and Family Library. Any books you’ve cleared in your Content and Devices page will be available to download.

Do Kindles Have Parental Controls?

Yes, but you need to enable the feature. However, this does enable you to hand-pick what kids can read and do on each tablet to a point. 

Keep in mind you’ll also need to configure parental controls in games and apps like Overdrive and Libby, which allow you to borrow from local libraries, and may not apply to independent browsers such as Opera. So if you have those apps enabled for kids, take a moment to research their parental controls as well.

  • How do I reset Kindle parental controls?

    On a Kindle Fire tablet, after you enter an incorrect password five times, you'll receive a prompt to reset the password using your Amazon account. On a Paperwhite, however, the only fix is to factory reset the device. Enter 111222777 as the password, and the device will erase itself. Once it restarts, you can sign back in to your Amazon account and re-download your books.

  • How do I turn off a Kindle Paperwhite?

    Your Paperwhite never really turns off unless it runs out of battery; otherwise, it just puts the display to sleep. Press the Power button or close the cover of your case to turn off the screen.

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