How to Use 'Ok, Google' Offline

What Google Assistant can and can't do offline

Voice commands can be useful when you don’t have a good internet connection, such as when driving. For this reason, it’s important to understand what the Google Assistant can and can't do offline, and how to use "Ok Google" offline to get it to do more.

The instructions in this guide apply to Android 10 and higher.

How to Use 'Ok, Google' Offline

Saying "Ok, Google" while offline still launches the Google Assistant, but, you may encounter some issues.

Voice recognition may be less accurate while offline, and the Google Assistant may be unable to access the services you’re asking for. To fix the second problem, you need to download any relevant data in advance. For example, download any music you might want to listen to and download the maps of any areas you might want to navigate.

Accessing information like the latest news or weather isn't possible without an internet connection.

Getting Google to Understand You While Offline

The Google Assistant's speech recognition can be inaccurate when used offline, although you might be lucky if you have an accent it finds particularly easy to understand. Unfortunately, if you experience this problem, there doesn’t seem to be any way to fix it currently.

How to Use 'Ok, Google' Offline for Navigation

Offline navigation is greatly improved if you download Google maps of any areas you're visiting in advance. Here's how to do it.

  1. In the Google Maps app on your Android device, tap your Profile icon and then select Offline maps.

    Google Maps app with Offline maps highlighted

    Offline maps screen with Select Your Own Map highlighted
  3. Zoom and pan until the area you want is within the blue box and then tap DOWNLOAD.

    Google Maps app showing a map selection
  4. You are taken back to the Offline maps screen where you can see your offline maps and some status information. Your map downloads and automatically updates when required.

    Google Maps - Offline maps downloading

Now, when you say, for example, “Hey Google, Navigate to Home,” Google Maps should begin navigation, provided you downloaded the maps required to get you from where you are to your saved home location.

Unfortunately, you can’t ask Google to take you anywhere else. If you type the address into Google Maps, it will work. If you ask for a contact, Google Assistant retrieves the address. But, Google Assistant won't place the address into maps and start navigation unless it has an internet connection.

How to Use 'Ok, Google' to Play Music While Offline

Getting the Google Assistant to play music while offline is easy. First, make sure your preferred music app is set up in Google Assistant.

  1. Open the Google app and then tap More > Settings > Google Assistant.

  2. Tap the Services tab, then select Music.

    Goggle Assistant settings with Services and Music highlighted
  3. Choose your preferred music app by clicking the circular button to its right.

    Goggle Assistant screen showing Music service selection
  4. Close the Google app. Ensure you've downloaded songs in your music app or transferred some MP3 files to your Android device.

  5. Say, Hey Google, play music. If you’re offline, it plays the songs stored on your device.

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