How to Use the Meta (Oculus) Quest Microphone

Your Quest has a built in microphone for communicating in-game

This article explains how to use the Oculus Quest microphone, including instructions for what to do if your Quest microphone isn’t working. The instructions pertain to both the Oculus Quest and Quest 2.

How Does the Meta (Oculus) Quest Microphone Work?

Each Quest and Quest 2 device includes a set of built-in microphones along with built-in speakers. These headsets are entirely self-contained units that you can use without a computer or any other additional equipment or accessories, so they include a microphone array on the bottom side near your mouth. The microphone array should pick up your voice and transmit it whenever you’re in voice chat, as long as you haven't muted it.

Quest voice chat has two different levels. It also includes system-wide party chat, which lets you chat with your friends whether or not you’re in a game. Additionally, app and game developers can rely on the system-wide party chat, offer their own in-game voice chat solution, or support both. If people can’t hear you, or you can’t hear them, it’s usually because of an issue with the in-game voice chat or system-wide party chat.

Issues can crop up when connecting a Quest to a PC with the link cable. Any mic connected to or built into your computer may take over from your Oculus Quest mic, and the same goes for built-in or connected speakers or headphones. So when using the link cable, you need to check your computer and set the audio input to use your Quest mic.

What to Do When the Quest Microphone Doesn’t Work at All

If you’re having trouble with your Meta (Oculus) Quest microphone, and it doesn’t work at all in-game or in party chat, then you can typically solve the problem with a headset reboot. Follow this procedure:

  1. Press and hold the Power button on the side of your headset until you see the shutdown screen.

  2. Select Restart.

  3. Wait for your headset to reboot, and check to see if the microphone works.

How to Mute and Unmute the System-Wide Meta (Oculus) Quest Microphone

Quest headsets include a mute function, which lets you switch off your microphone. This feature is helpful if you aren’t playing with friends, and you don’t want anybody to hear you when playing multiplayer games or need to mute yourself for a while.

Here’s how to use the Quest mute function:

  1. Press the Oculus button on the right controller to open the universal menu, then select Settings (gear icon).

    The Oculus Quest universal menu with Settings selected.
  2. Select Device from the left panel.

    Selecting Device from the Oculus settings menu.
  3. Use your right thumbstick to scroll the right panel until you reach the Mute Microphone setting.

    Mute Microphone in the Oculus Quest menu.
  4. Select Mute Microphone to switch the toggle.

    Oculus Quest with the microphone muted.
  5. When the disable microphone toggle is blue, nobody will be able to hear you. If you want people to hear you, make sure the toggle is gray.

How to Fast-Toggle the Quest and Quest 2 Microphone

There’s also a fast way to toggle the mic using the Quick Actions menu:

  1. Open the universal menu and select Quick Actions if it isn't already active.

    The Oculus Quest settings menu with Quick Actions highlighted
  2. Select the microphone icon.

    Quick Actions with the microphone highlighted.
  3. When the microphone icon is blue, nobody will be able to hear you.

    Oculus Quest Quick Actions with the microphone muted and the blue icon highlighted

How to Use the Meta (Oculus) Quest Mic in Games

Some Quest games use the system-wide party chat feature, while others have their own built-in voice chat functionality. In some multiplayer games, you get paired with people. In others, you can walk up to people in the virtual environment and start talking. If they can’t hear you, make sure that you didn't mute your Quest, as outlined above, and then check to see that there’s an in-game microphone mute function.

For example, here’s how to mute and unmute yourself in VR Chat:

  1. Open the Shortcut menu.

    The VRChat shortcut menu.
  2. Select the microphone icon.

    Muting in VRChat on Quest.
  3. If you can see a red microphone in the bottom corner of your view, that means nobody will be able to hear you.

    VRChat on Quest with the mute icon showing.

How to Leave a Quest Party

Parties are where you can talk with your friends, but nobody will be able to hear you if you’re stuck at a party by yourself. If you accidentally created a party, or you’re the last person left, and you want to be able to communicate with other people in games, here’s how to leave your party:

  1. Press the Oculus button to open the universal menu.

  2. Look for the Active call bar below at the bottom of the universal menu.

  3. Select the red phone icon to leave the party.

  4. In-game voice chat should work now.

How to Use the Meta (Oculus) Quest Microphone With the Link Cable

If you’re playing a game via the link cable, and you want to use the built-in Quest microphone, then you need to check and possibly change a setting on your PC. Here’s how to get the built-in Quest mic working when playing with a link cable:

  1. Connect your Quest to your PC via link cable, and start up Oculus Link.

  2. Right-click the speaker icon in the system tray on your PC.

    The speaker icon in the Windows System Tray.
  3. Select Open Sound Settings.

    Open Sound Settings highlighted in the system tray sound menu.
  4. In the Input section, click the Choose your input device drop-down menu.

    Choose your input device highlighted in Windows sound settings.
  5. Select your headset.

    Headset Microphone (Oculus Virtual Audio Device) highlighted in Windows sound settings.

    You may also want to click the choose output device drop down and either select your Quest or your headphones if you have a pair. Otherwise, sound from your Quest may be output through your PC speakers.

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