How to Use Low-Light Mode on Google Meet

How to get more light on Google Meet

What to Know

  • From a browser: Select More options (three vertical dots) > Settings > Video > Adjust video lighting.
  • On iOS: Tap More options > Settings > Adjust video for low light.
  • Low-light mode works in the Google Meet web version and the iOS app.

This article explains how to turn on low-light mode on Google Meet. This feature is also known as automatic video lighting and is available on Google Meet in a web browser and mobile apps.

How to Turn on Low-Light Mode on Google Meet

Google Meet offers an automatic lighting adjustment setting for low-light conditions. Here’s how to turn this feature on for better-lit video meetings.

  1. Start or join a Google Meet meeting on your computer.

  2. Look for the More options (three vertical dots) at the center bottom of the meeting screen.

    The More options icon on Google Meet in a browser.
  3. Select Settings from the More options menu.

    Settings higlighted from the Google Meet More options menu.
  4. Choose Video and move the toggle on beside Adjust video lighting.

    Enabling automatic video lighting adjustments on the Google Meet web app.
  5. Low-light mode is likely on by default in the Google Meet mobile app for iOS. To double-check the feature is on, tap More options > Settings > Adjust video for low light

    Turning on the adjust video for low light setting on Google Meet for iOS.

    After you activate the low-light mode, it will take some time to see evidence of lighting adjustments. Google suggests it takes about 5 seconds for lighting updates to apply.

Can You Adjust Lighting on Google Meet?

There are no manual lighting settings on Google Meet. But you can turn on automatic lighting adjustments for meetings in a browser and the iOS app.

This low-light mode feature analyzes the existing light in your surroundings and activates when needed. With this setting enabled, Google Meet brightens lighting conditions if it senses you’re not as easily seen by other meeting participants.

You can turn off this automatic lighting feature at any time during an active meeting. 

  • From your computer: Select Settings > Video > and turn the toggle left next to Adjust video lighting
  • From the app: Tap Settings and move the toggle to the left beside Adjust video for low light.

Enabling low-light mode might slow down your computer or phone. You will see a message along these lines when you turn on this feature. If you notice your device is sluggish, you might want to turn off this setting and opt for other lighting adjustments outside of the app. 

How Do I Get More Light on Google Meet?

Enabling automatic video lighting on Google Meet is a built-in way to bring more lighting to your camera source. This low-light feature helps eliminate shadows when you don’t have a lot of light available.

Outside of the Google Meet web and mobile apps, you can take these extra steps to improve video conferencing quality.

  • Brighten your display: Amplify the brightness on your phone or computer to get a boost of light.
  • Take advantage of natural light: One of the easiest ways to increase the light on a Google Meet call is to sit near a window. Avoid sitting with a window directly behind you, as this will cause unwanted shadows. You may want to sit facing the window or with the window at your side.
  • Use lamps at different angles: Another simple fix for less-than-ideal natural lighting conditions is to use lamps to your advantage. If you have a few at your disposal, place them around you at different angles. LED lights can provide softer light and more options for adjusting lighting temperature.

Another way to improve video quality on Google Meet is to adjust the resolution. In the Google Meet web app, select Settings > Video > Send resolution > High definition (720p).

  • Why isn't my camera working on Google Meet?

    If your camera isn't working on Google Meet, the app may not have permission to access your camera, or another app may be accessing the camera and blocking Google Meet. If you have multiple cameras, you could have enabled the wrong one.

  • How do I freeze my camera on Google Meet?

    Download the Visual Effects for Google Meet extension from the Chrome Web Store. During a meeting, the Visual Effects tool appears on the left side of the screen. Select it and choose Freeze to freeze your video image.

  • How do I change my background on Google Meet?

    During a meeting, select the three-dot menu and choose Change background. You can blur your background on Google Meet or select Add to upload a custom image.

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