How to Use Live View on Google Maps

Put directions over the view of the camera so you'll know the way to go

What to Know

  • Tap Directions in Google Maps.
  • Then, select the walking mode of transportation at the top.
  • Finally, pick Live View at the bottom and follow the directions.

This article explains how to use Live View in Google Maps when your mode of travel is walking. Using your device camera, you’ll see on-screen instructions directing you right to the spot.

Use Live View in Google Maps

Live View becomes available when you choose walking directions in Google Maps.

  1. From the Explore or Go tab, enter a location or search for an address. You can also go to the Saved tab to choose a spot you’ve saved in Google Maps.

  2. When Google Maps finds the correct location, tap Directions.

  3. Select the walking icon at the top below the destination name.

  4. At the bottom, choose Live View.

    Live View on Google Maps showing Walking icon and Live View button
  5. The first time you use Live View, you’ll see prompts explaining the feature, asking you to be safe, and requesting access to your camera. Review and tap to move through the prompts and provide camera access.

  6. Point your camera toward buildings, street signs, or other landmarks that help Google Maps guide you. 

  7. Follow the onscreen directions as you walk to your destination.

    Walking directions in Google Maps

    When you arrive at your destination, your phone will vibrate.

    How to Exit Live View in Google Maps

    If you want to turn off Live View before you arrive at your destination, you can do so and, instead, see the written directions.

    While in Live View, tap the arrow on the top left. You’ll then see the 2D map view. Swipe up from the bottom and tap Directions to view the written directions in a list format.

    You can also do the following:

    • To return to 2D map view, tap the arrow at the top of the Directions screen. 
    • To return to Live View, tap the Live View icon on the lower left side of the 2D map.
    • To stop the route and directions completely, select the X (Android) or Exit (iPhone).
    Live View with directions in Google Maps

    Switch Between Live and Map View Automatically

    You can use a combination of Live View and the 2D map view if you like. This allows you to see Live View when you hold your phone upward and 2D map view when you tilt your phone downward.

    To turn on this setting, tap your profile icon on the top right and select Settings. Pick Navigation settings (Android) or Navigation (iPhone) and turn on the toggle for Live View below Walking Options.

    Google Maps showing Navigation chosen in Settngs and Live View toggle

    To turn on this setting while navigating, exit Live View, swipe up in 2D map view, and select Settings. Then, turn on the toggle for Live View below Walking Options.

    Settings in the navigation actions and the toggle next to Live View

    • How do I see a live satellite view in Google Maps?

      Google Maps doesn't maintain a live satellite view. You can switch between the default, satellite, and terrain views by selecting the Layers icon in the app, but the satellite view doesn't constantly refresh. Other layers do update, however, so you can keep an eye on traffic, air quality, and other elements as information comes in.

    • What are the requirements for Live View in Google Maps?

      According to Google, there are a few requirements to use Live View in Google Maps. Your phone must have compatibility with Google's ARKit or ARCore, and Google must have mapped the area you're trying to use Live View for Street View.

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