How to Use the Nintendo Switch With a USB Keyboard and Mouse

Yes, you can use a mouse and keyboard with the Switch

What to Know

  • Buy a gaming keyboard and mouse combo set, such as the Gamesir VX AimSwitch or the Delta Essentials Keyboard and Mouse Combo.
  • If you have a gaming keyboard you like, buy a USB adapter that's compatible with the Switch, such as the Delta Essentials adapter.
  • Although you can input passwords and other text with a regular USB keyboard, you can't play games with one.

This article explains what you need to use the Nintendo Switch with a USB keyboard and mouse. This information applies to the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite.

What You Need to Play Games With a Keyboard and Mouse on the Nintendo Switch

If you enjoy playing games like Fortnite on Nintendo Switch, but you prefer the controller layout of a PC, you're in luck.

To play games using a keyboard and mouse on the Switch, you probably need to purchase some extra peripherals. The best option is the Gamesir VX AimSwitch. It's one of the best gaming keyboards (with a mouse) that is compatible with the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PS3, and Xbox One. The Delta Essentials Keyboard and Mouse Combo is almost identical in design, functionality, and price.

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If you already have a gaming keyboard you like, there are also USB adapters such as the HYCRUS Keyboard and Mouse Adapter for Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and PS3. Other options include the C91 Keyboard and Mouse Adapter and the Delta Essentials Adapter.

You can also connect a gaming mouse and keyboard using a Cronusmax Plus Gaming Adapter in combination with a PS4-to-Wii U adapter like the Gam3Gear Brook; however, the cost is equivalent to the AimSwitch, so unless you already have these peripherals, it makes more sense to buy the AimSwitch.

Nintendo Switch Keyboard and Mouse Support

Most USB keyboards are compatible with the Nintendo Switch, but you can't play games with a regular keyboard. You can, however, use it to input passwords and other text. Many people find a physical keyboard is far more convenient than the Switch's on-screen keyboard for things like adding comments to screenshots you upload to social media. Plugging a standard gaming mouse into the Switch will have no effect.

Some companies make keyboards exclusively for the Switch, but the only difference is that they have slots on the sides to hold the Joy-Con controllers. However, since you still can't play games with the keyboard itself, there's no reason to purchase a special keyboard just for the Switch.

Many of the best gaming headsets for PS4 are also compatible with the Nintendo Switch.

How to Connect a Keyboard to the Nintendo Switch

You can plug any USB keyboard into one of the USB ports on the Switch dock. The Switch should detect the keyboard right away. No additional setup is necessary.

You can plug any USB keyboard into one of the USB ports on the Switch dock.

It is also possible to use a keyboard while the Switch is in handheld mode with the assistance of a USB to USB-C converter. You can even use a wireless keyboard with the Switch. Just plug a Bluetooth dongle into the Switch dock, and it should automatically work.

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