Find a Job with Indeed

Indeed logo is a job search engine. Indeed searches jobs listed on job boards, newspaper sites, and niche sites. Indeed dynamically monitors job listings on these websites on a continuous basis, so in one simple search, you can find the very latest jobs listed on every site.

We asked David Parmet, Indeed's Director of Communications, for some more information on what job boards, etc. that they cover and he had this to say:

"The short answer is.. all of them. We cover all of the major job boards, newspaper classified sites, niche industry sites and corporate job sites. More than 1,500 in all. You can include Monster, HotJobs, Craig's List, Career Builder, etc. in that group."

Indeed Jobs Search Home Page

Indeed's home page could not be simpler. Readers have several choices available from the get-go in order to narrow down the job hunt: What (job title, keywords, or company name) and Where (city, state, and zip). Users might find that they get the best results by filling in more than one of these fields, rather than just choosing the mandatory "What" ("where" is optional).

Job hunters can also choose to search Indeed immediately for jobs in their state, which could result in many more options.  

Indeed Job Search Options

Once users receive their search results, they can click through to jobs that are of interest. On the far right are suggestions to refine your search, a welcome feature since Indeed's suggestions can indeed be better than what users might originally come up with. In the middle of the screen are the actual job results, sorted by relevance. Users can sort these by date as well by clicking on the text link at the top of the screen. To the far right are Sponsored Links, which are ads; note that the jobs that will show up in your search results are not paid placements. 

Readers have the option of saving their searches as Indeed Job Alerts, with the added functionality of deciding how often these should arrive in your inbox. Indeed also keeps a record of past searches in a column to the left-hand side, underneath the Search Suggestions (you must have an account and be signed into it in order to use this feature). 

Users have the option to refine their search with Indeed's Advanced Search Preferences, which narrows search parameters by searching for all words, exact phrase, at least one word, words in the title, particular company, where and when, an age of jobs, and how many should display on the page. If you already have a particular company that you're searching for, I would definitely suggest Indeed's Advanced Search options.

Indeed Job Search Special Features

One of the more interesting features on is the "Where are the Jobs?" feature, which takes you to an interactive map of the United States that shows you exactly how many job postings might be in an area near you: "Job Postings Per Capita...For the 50 most populous metropolitan areas in the United States.The bigger the dot, the more job postings per capita." You can zoom in and click on the particular area you would like to search.

Why Should You Use To Find a Job?

First of all, Indeed is very simple to use. There are a wide variety of jobs here, and job hunters can apply both directly within Indeed or on the originating site.

Second, the option to set up your very own job search alerts for whatever job you might be looking for, in any geographical area, is incredibly helpful; this also cuts down on the amount of searching you might have to do as these results are automatically emailed to you. 

Lastly, is a well thought out, easily navigable search engine with relevant results. It's easy to use and is a great resource for anyone who might be thinking about a career change. 

Note: Search engines change frequently, so the information in this article can and will get outdated as more information or features about job search engine is released.