How to Send Email in IncrediMail

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IncrediMail with you, you can send pretty emails from pretty surroundings. StockUnlimited

IncrediMail lets you compose emails using rich formatting or just plain text, and you can use email stationery, too.

New Email Smell or a Blank Screen's Stare?

A blank page and screen need not evacuate your mind: in IncrediMail, you can have a window preset with color and background instead drain your cerebrum of all ideas!

Fortunately, it is an email you are about to write and not an essay. The result will be just as brilliant (if, perhaps, a tad rougher), of course, and good; the hill, though, is a less imposing one to climb.

You Be the Artist, Composer, Writer and Painter

The thing about background images and colors to get you going in IncrediMail: it is entirely true.

The fun email program offers stationery (called "letters") to adorn your messages, and you can apply colors and formatting to the text of your messages as well, of course.

IncrediMail also lets you do quite the opposite as well, though: you can send emails devoid of all formatting. These plain text-only messages are the surest way to make sure your emails are small and display legibly on any device (even with some "formatting" applied) under all circumstances.

Let's get started!

Start a New Message in IncrediMail

To compose a new email message with IncrediMail:

  1. Click Write in your IncrediMail's toolbar.
    • ​​You can also press Ctrl-N.
    • See below for setting the message format and picking stationery (an IncrediMail letter).

Reply to an Email in IncrediMail

To start writing a reply to a message you have received (or sent yourself perhaps) with IncrediMail:

  1. Open the email message to which you want to reply.
    • ​​You can also highlight the email in a message list or search results, for example.
  2. ​Click Reply in the toolbar.
    • ​​You can also press Ctrl-R.

Forward an Email in IncrediMail

To pass a message you have received—or sent yourself, of course—on to others using IncrediMail:

  1. Open the message you want to forward.
    • ​You can also highlight the message.
    • Note that you can always only forward one message at a time.
  2. ​Click Forward in the toolbar.
    • ​​You can also press Ctrl-F.

Reply to All in IncrediMail

To send an email to "all" people concerned with the original message—including the sender of the original message and all recipients other than yourself:

  1. Click the downward-pointed triangle ()​​ that appears when you position the mouse cursor over the Reply button.
  2. Select Reply to All from the menu that has appeared.
    • ​​You can also press Ctrl-Shift-R.

Do use ​Reply to All only when you are certain your reply needs to go to all these recipients; otherwise, use Reply.

Change the Email Account Used to Send a Message

To pick the account—and email address in the From: line—used to send a new email, reply or forward in IncrediMail:

  1. Click From in the message composition window when you compose an email in IncrediMail.
  2. Select the desired email account and address you want to use for sending an to appear in the From: header of the delivered message.

Write a Plain Text Message in IncrediMail

To send a message that is devoid of all formatting and just plain text in IncrediMail:

  1. Start with a new email, reply or forward in Incredimail.
  2. Select Message | Plain Text from the menu in the message composition window.
    • ​​If you cannot see the menu bar, click Menu in the message composition window's title bar.
  3. If you are prompted Are you sure you want to switch to 'Plain Text'?:
    1. ​Click Yes.

IncrediMail will remove any formatting from the message; this includes text styles as well as styling from an IncrediMail letter, for example.

Note that you will also be unable to apply further formatting to your message and text. You can add attachments, of course.

Write a Rich-Text Message in IncrediMail

IncrediMail starts each new email and reply with rich formatting enabled.

To enable text formatting and letter styles after you have set a message you are composing to be plain text only in IncrediMail:

  1. Make sure the Style Box is visible next to the message composition window.
    • ​​If you do not see the Style Box, press F8 or click the leftward-pointed triangle (◀︎) at the composition window's left border.
  2. Now make sure the Letters tab is open.
  3. Select No Background at any letter category's top.
    • ​​You can just as well pick any letter style you like to use for the email, of course.

Write a Plain Text Message in IncrediMail Xe

To compose a message using but plain text in IncrediMail Xe:

  1. Make sure plain text email is enabled in IncrediMail Xe. (See below.)
  2. Create a new message by selecting the New Mail button from the IncrediMail toolbar.
  3. Go to the Letters category in the Style Box.
  4. Make sure Plain Text is selected.
    • The first item in any collection is Plain Text.

Enable Support for Plain Text Emails in IncrediMail Xe

To make sure composing plain text messages is enabled in IncrediMail:

  1. Select Tools | Options… from the main IncrediMail menu.
  2. Go to the Advanced tab.
  3. In the Message section, make sure Enable 'Plain Text' in the style box is checked.
  4. Click OK.

Define a Default Letter (Email Stationery) in IncrediMail

To specify the letter used by default for new emails you start composing in IncrediMail:

  1. Start with a new message by clicking the Write or New Mail buttons in IncrediMail.
  2. Find and highlight your favorite letter in the Style Box.
    • If you can't see the IncrediMail Style Box, hit F8.
  3. Click on the highlighted letter with the right mouse button.
  4. Select Set as Default Letter from the pop-up context menu.

Have IncrediMail Pick a Random Letter for an Email You Are Composing

To try a random letter for a message you are composing in IncrediMail:

  1. Press F5.
    • ​​You can also select Edit | Randomize Letter from the composition window's menu.

Start Each Message with a Random Letter in IncrediMail

To have IncrediMail pick a random letter every time you start composing a new email:

  1. Select Tools | Options from the menu in IncrediMail.
  2. Go to the Message tab.
  3. Under Default Letter Style, make sure Use Random Letter Style as Default is selected.
  4. Click OK.

(Tested with IncrediMail 2.5)