How to Use IFTTT With Alexa

Applets from IFTTT: Create your own special commands for Amazon Echo devices

Amazon Echo on table near food from completed meal.
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 IFTTT recipes –also known as applets—are chains of simple conditional statements that work with many applications, including Amazon Alexa. You set up commands that tell the software, “If ‘this’ trigger occurs, then ‘that’ action needs to take place” using the third-party IFTTT (If This, Then That) service. 

Thanks to the IFTTT Alexa channel, using the service is even easier, as you can use their existing recipes. If they don’t have the trigger and action combo you’re looking for, no worries. You can set up your own to perform the functions you want. 


Getting Started - Enable the IFTTT Alexa Skill

  • Go to the Amazon Alexa Channel on IFTTT 
  • Sign in if you already have an IFTTT account.
  • Click Sign Up if you do not yet have an IFTTT. You can choose to sign up using your Google account, your Facebook profile or a new username and password. 
  • Click Connect
  • Sign in to your Amazon account (if you are already signed in, this step will not be necessary).
  • Click Okay to give IFTTT permission to connect with your Alexa account. You will now be able to begin using the Amazon Alexa channel on IFTTT.

Using Recipes on the IFTTT Alexa Channel

Employing one or more of the existing applets is a good way to become familiar with how they work. 

  1. Click on an applet you want to use in the list of Alexa options.
  2. Click Turn On to enable the recipe.
  3. Follow the directions provided to give IFTTT permission to connect with another smart device, if necessary. For instance, if you want to enable the applet for brewing a cup of coffee with your WeMo coffeemaker if you say, “Alexa, brew me a cup,” you will be prompted to connect via your WeMo app.
  4. Begin using the applets by performing the trigger, which is the “If” part of the recipe. For instance, if you enabled the applet to tell Alexa to lock up at night, say, "Trigger lock down" and Alexa will turn off your Hue lights, make sure your Garageio closes your garage door and mute your Android phone (provided you have those devices, of course).

Creating Your Own Recipe

Ready to try whipping up a recipe tailored to your unique needs and devices? Learning the basic steps to creating custom applets opens a world of possibilities. You can create applets on or using the mobile app, which is available at the App Store or on Google Play

To help you begin, the following steps show a recipe to dim lights when music plays on Echo (on and another to send a text when dinner is ready (using the mobile app).

Recipe to Dim Lights When Music Plays on Echo (using

Before you begin, be sure you're logged into your account on Then:

  1. Point to the drop-down arrow next to your user name in the upper-right corner and click New Applet.
  2. Click This and then choose Amazon Alexa as the service.
  3. Choose New Song Played as the Trigger. (Note that this trigger only applies to Amazon Prime music.
  4. Choose your smart light name as the Action service and allow IFTTT to connect to the device. 
  5. Choose Dim as the Action.
  6. Click Create Action and then click Finish to complete the recipe.

Once complete, the next time you play music on your Echo device, the light(s) you selected will automatically dim. 

Recipe to Text Someone When Dinner Is Ready (using App)

  1. Start the IFTTT app and click the + (plus) icon in the upper-right corner. 
  2. Choose Amazon Alexa as the service and connect to Alexa if prompted.
  3. Choose Say a Specific Phrase as the Trigger.
  4. Type "dinner is ready" under What Phrase? Tap the check mark to continue.
  5. Select That.
  6. Choose your SMS application as the Action Service and tap Send an SMS. Connect to the program if prompted.
  7. Enter the phone number of the person you want to text and then type the message you want to send, such as, “Wash up and come eat.” Tap the check mark to continue.
  8. Tap Finish.

Next time you finish cooking, you can tell Alexa dinner is ready and she'll automatically text the person you want to notify.

Expert Tip: If you can’t remember any part of a recipe you applied, log in to your IFTTT account and select My Applets. Click on any applet to view details, make changes to or disable it.