How to Listen to Chromecast With Headphones

How to enjoy private listening while watching Chromecast

What to Know

  • On Chromecast: Settings > Remotes and Accessories > Pair Remote Or Accessories.
  • Chromecast with Google TV has a Bluetooth radio, and can pair directly, but older models will need either extra hardware or to use an app.
  • Newer TVs may have wireless headphone options built-in.

In this article, we’ll look at adding headphone functionality to a Chromecast. Current models are easy to connect to, but you may need to invest in an app or a transmitter for older models.

Can I Listen to Chromecast Through Headphones?

If you have the most recent Chromecast, first released in 2020 with a dedicated remote, then setting up your headphones isn’t much different from pairing them to your phone.

  1. Turn on your Chromecast and go to your profile in the upper right-hand corner. Choose Settings > Remotes and Accessories > Pair Remote Or Accessories.

  2. Set your Bluetooth headphones to "pairing" mode. You may want to turn off any Bluetooth devices you don’t want to connect to your Chromecast.

  3. The Chromecast will automatically scan for active Bluetooth devices, which you can select from a list on the right side of the screen. It will pair automatically.

    You can use the same menu to make your Chromecast “forget” Bluetooth headphones and speakers. If your headphones are refusing to pair, remove them from the list and try again.

How to Use Headphones With an Older Chromecast

If your Chromecast doesn’t support Bluetooth, you’ll need to either install an app on your phone or add some extra hardware to your TV. Both are fairly quick processes, and we’ve placed these steps in order of ease of use and cost.

  1. If you own a newer TV, check the user manual to see if Bluetooth is built in. If so, you can simply pair headphones to your TV directly, following the steps in the manual.

  2. Look for options in the apps you use to mirror to a Chromecast. Some will have independent audio options in their Settings menu. Others can be paired with a mirroring app, such as LocalCast, which allows you to stream the audio independently.

    Check the specifications of the app, and how it streams audio, before you buy or subscribe. Some apps we found with this functionality either limited it to certain phone platforms, or didn't guarantee results.

  3. Check your TV for an “audio out” port (also called RCA jacks) or a headphone jack. If you use a home theater system, you may need to check for these ports there.

  4. Connect a Bluetooth transmitter to your audio port. You may need to select your audio using your remote, depending on your TV’s design. 

    Connecting a Bluetooth transmitter will grant private listening to anything you watch, not just your Chromecast. If you use a number of different streaming devices, video game consoles, and other accessories on your TV, you may want to consider this as your first option.

You can also connect a set of wired headphones directly to your TV. This may be suitable for small TVs where you sit close, but it's not recommended for long distances as you'll potentially be stretching a long wire across a high-traffic area in your house, creating a tripping hazard.

  • How do I make my Chromecast private?

    To prevent others from using your Chromecast, go to Account > Devices in the Google Home app and disable Guest mode for your Chromecast.

  • How do I connect my Chromecast to a Bluetooth speaker?

    The steps are the same for connecting all Bluetooth devices to your Chromecast. Go to Settings > Remotes and Accessories > Pair Remote Or Accessories, put your Bluetooth speakers in pairing mode, then choose your device.

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