How to Use Headphones on an iPhone 8

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What to Know

  • The iPhone 8 doesn't have a built-in headphone jack, but you can use the included EarPods that plug into the phone's Lightning port.
  • Use AirPods or other wireless headphones. Pair the headphones, then set the audio to play to them via the Control Center.
  • Use Apple's Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter to connect any set of wired headphones.

This article explains a few different ways to connect headphones to the iPhone 8, which doesn't have a built-in headphone jack.

Does the iPhone 8 Have a Headphone Jack?

No, the iPhone 8-Series follows its predecessor's lead, the iPhone 7-Series, by not having a traditional headphone jack. Neither the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have a headphone jack. All iPhone models since then also don't have headphone jacks.

As with the iPhone 7, iPhone 8 owners have three ways to connect headphones: the Apple earbuds included with the iPhone 8, wireless headphones (AirPods or Bluetooth), and an adapter for the standard headphone jack.

How to Use the Included Headphones on an iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 ships with included Apple earbuds. These earbuds, called EarPods, connect to the Lightning port on the bottom of the iPhone. If you like these headphones, they're a great option. The only drawback to them is you can't do anything else with the Lightning port, like charging or syncing the phone, when you use them. But if you like them, you don't need to buy an adapter or wireless headphones.

How to Use Headphones on an iPhone 8: Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones work with the iPhone 8. You can choose from Apple's AirPods, of course, but pretty much any other set of Bluetooth-compatible headphones will work with the iPhone 8, too. Here's what to do:

  1. Place your AirPods or Bluetooth headphones are physically close to the iPhone 8. Make sure they're charged.

  2. Put your headphones into pairing mode. For AirPods, press the button on the case. For other Bluetooth headphone models, check the instructions.

  3. To pair AirPods, follow the onscreen instructions (we also have a detailed AirPods set-up guide).

  4. To pair third-party headphones, tap Settings > Bluetooth. Set the Bluetooth slider to on/green.

  5. Tap the name of your headphones to pair them to the iPhone.

  6. After your wireless headphones are paired, set the audio to play to them via theControl Center. In Control Center, tap the audio playback controls, then tap the headphones.

    Pairing AirPods Pro with an iPhone 8.

How to Use Headphones on an iPhone 8: Using Adapter

If you don't like the included iPhone 8 earbuds and don't want wireless headphones, you can use any set of wired headphones you like as long as you have an adapter. Apple's Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter is all you need. Plug the adapter into the Lightning port on the bottom of the iPhone 8, and then plug any headphones with a standard headphone jack into the other end. Like with headphones connected to a standard headphone jack, you don't need to change any settings. Just press play.

If you've got headphones connected, but do not hear music, check out how to fix an iPhone stuck in headphone mode.

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