How to Use GROWLr for iPhone

Grindr is best used on a mobile device
You can use Grindr on you PC, but its better to use a mobile device. Leonardo Patrizi/Getty Images
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Your GROWLr Features

GROWLr is a mobile chat and dating app for gay men — specifically those who are interested in or identify as "bears." The term "bear" is a gay slang term referring to heavy-set or muscular hairy gay or bisexual men, seen as typically ruggedly masculine. Like many dating and chat apps, GROWLr offers a way to find others who are in your area and share similar interests to chat and swap pics with, as well as find local events, bars and more.


Tap the menu icon in the upper-left corner of the app screen to open the menu. Here you'll find all the ways you can interact with the app and the GROWLr community.

  • Bears: Under the three-bear icon, you can find users online from around the world, in your area and on your own "Favorites" list. At the bottom of the screen are three tabs: Online, Nearby, and Favorites.
  • Messages: Tapping Messages (or tapping "Msgs" in the upper right of the app screen when viewing users) opens your messages inbox where you will find all your chats with other users on the app.
  • Viewers: See who has been checking out your profile.
  • Meets: Displays meet requests you have received or sent. Set your meet preferences by tapping the cog icon located in the upper right of the app screen.
  • Profile: Create your GROWLr profile and start meeting new friends now.
  • Galleries: View photos and more from popular members and more.
  • Search: Search for other members based on location, or by setting a variety of criteria such as age ranges, height and weight ranges, whether the users have photos associated with their profiles and more.
  • SHOUT!: This is an in-app purchase feature that sends a message to all users in the defined area that have been active in the last week. 
  • FLASH!: This is an in-app purchase feature that unlocks your private media, such as pictures, to all users in a specific area.
  • Blog: Create a blog entry to go with your profile and keep your fans and admirers up-to-date on what's happening in your life. Blog entries automatically expire after seven days. 
  • Check-ins: Share your current location and find nearby guys.
  • Events: Need something to do? Check out bear events in your area when you check out the GROWLr calendar of events using the center icon.
  • Bars: Click the drinks icon to find local bear bars in your area where you can find guys similar to those on the app.
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Create, View Your GROWLr Profile

Your GROWLr profile is the first point of interaction between you and another member of this gay community app. The key to making a good impression starts with a complete profile, including photos and a description of yourself and what you are looking for. 

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Find Online GROWLr Users

Whether you seek bears, cubs, wolf otters or others, GROWLr is the place for you. When you enter GROWLr, you will see a grid of online users. Tap an image to open that user's profile.

At the bottom of the screen you will find three options for displaying GROWLr users:

  • Online displays users who are currently online from around the world.
  • Nearby displays users who are geographically close to you if you allowed the GROWLr to use your location.
  • Favorites shows you the users you have tagged as favorites.
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Check Your GROWLr Messages

Whenever you receive an instant message on GROWLr iPhone app, they are collected together in your centralized inbox. Tap "Msgs" in the upper right corner of the main member view screen. Your Messages inbox is also available while checking out another user's profile.

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Checkin on GROWLr for iPhone

Location sharing is an increasingly popular feature in social media platforms, and GROWLr is no exception. By tapping the "Checkins" options from the menu, you can share with everyone on the app where you are at any given moment utilizing iPhone's GPS location function.

How to Checkin on GROWLr

Follow these easy steps to share where you are with all the bears, cubs and other friends you've made (and yet to make!) on the app:

  1. Click the "Checkins" option in the menu.
  2. Select a location listed based on where you're currently located, or type the name of your location into the search field to find a location.
  3. Click the orange "Check In" button to complete your checkin.

Your location will now appear under the "Checkins" tab on your profile and is visible to all GROWLr users.

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View Events for Bears on GROWLr

Need something to do? Tap the "Events" option in the menu to find bear events, festivals and more for your to check out nearby or around the world. Take the app along and maybe you can find other users using the "Nearby" browsing function.

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Find Bear Bars on GROWLr

GROWLr's Bars option in the menu can help you find a local hotspot to meet bears, cubs, otters and more wherever you are in the world. Your iPhone's GPS navigation must be enabled to use this feature to find local events.

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Send a SHOUT! on GROWLr

GROWLr Shout Feature


The GROWLr SHOUT! feature allows users to broadcast mass messages to users within a 5, 10 and 20-mile radius based on your iPhone GPS location for a fee. Rates start at $4.99, and allow you to send a message to every user within that area who has not blocked SHOUT! messages.

How to Send a GROWLr Shout!

Follow these directions to send your own mass messages:

  1. Tap the SHOUT! option in the menu.
  2. Tap the Location field to choose your current location or a different city.
  3. Tap the Radius to define how wide an area to broadcast your message.
  4. Enter your message by tapping in the text field.
  5. Once complete, send your message as prompted.

SHOUT! messages are delivered directly to a user's inbox just as regular instant messages are delivered, and your identity is visible to the recipient. Messages are billed through your iTunes account. You may be required to enter credit card information for this purchase if you have not connected a credit, debit card or another funding source to your iTunes account.

This feature is a great way to market your business, get fast exposure for your new profile, or send a message to as many people as possible.

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View Hot Pictures on GROWLr

GROWLr pictures


Under the "Galleries" icon from the GROWLr home screen, users are able to view a number of image galleries containing profile photos from users across the country, around the world and maybe even in your own backyard. Browse through hundreds of profiles and pictures. This is another way to see who's out there that you might like to meet.