How to Throw a Disney Plus Watch Party

Watch your favorite films with those you love the most

  • To generate an invite link, log in to Disney Plus, select a film or TV show > GroupWatch icon > plus sign > Copy Link.
  • To join a watch party, you need to have a Disney+ account.
  • Up to 7 people, including the host, can be in a GroupWatch party. Up to 4 profiles on an account can stream together.

This article explains how to host and join a Disney Plus watch party using the GroupWatch feature.

How to Host a Disney Plus Watch Party

Here's how to watch Disney Plus with friends in just a few short taps or clicks.

If you are using a smart TV or a streaming box like an Apple TV, you won't be able to initiate the GroupWatch. You can still participate, but the other party you're watching with has to use a web browser or a mobile app to initiate the GroupWatch.

  1. Login to Disney Plus on your respective device. If you're doing so on a browser, go to the Disney+ site.

    Disney Login
  2. Select the film or TV show that you want to watch with your friends and family.

    Disney Plus
  3. Select the small GroupWatch icon—it looks like three amorphous cartoon people.

    The Groupwatch icon on Disney+.
  4. On the GroupWatch screen, select the + icon next to your profile picture. You'll then be given a link that, when shared with others, allows them to join your GroupWatch session.

  5. Select Copy Link and share the link with friends and family however you see fit. A GroupWatch party can have up to 7 people, including the host. When they join your watch party you'll see the group number in the top-right of the screen increase, as well as have the option of who's there by selecting that number.

Join and Watch Disney Plus in a Party

Joining a GroupWatch party is even easier than hosting it. All you need to do is make sure you have Disney Plus account, and if you're on a mobile device or console, have the app installed. If you're on a PC, you can instead use the browser to GroupWatch with your friends and family.

When your watch party host sends you a link, select it and it should either open the app or send you to the Disney Plus homepage in your browser.

Login and you should immediately be taken into the GroupWatch Party. See who else is there by selecting the viewer icon in the top-right.

How Disney+ Watch Party (GroupWatch) Works

As host, you can invite up to six other watchers. Disney Plus allows up to four profiles on an account to stream together.

You'll all watch the movie or TV show at the same time, with the option to pause, rewind, or replay together to better share your favorite moments. You can even use emojis to interact while you watch.

This is a little different to sharing a Disney Plus account, where you both use the same login details. You'll both need to your own accounts to watch the same content together at the same time and to enjoy all the additional interactive elements of Disney GroupWatch parties.

Can Anyone Host a Disney Plus Watch Party?

As inclusive as Disney Plus watch parties are, they aren't something everyone can host or partake in. Currently, the GroupWatch feature is only available in the U.S., and children's profiles cannot take part in them at all.

If you have multiple people in the same home or watch to take part in a watch party together, they'll need to use the same device to do so. While there is a four device limit per Disney Plus account, GroupWatch events limit GroupWatch members to one device per account, though you can do so on any compatible laptop, desktop, tablet, phone, or console.

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