How to Use a GoPro as a Webcam

Use a GoPro to show off your home or fit more people in the frame

What to Know

  • GoPro models from the Hero 4 onwards have webcam capability.
  • Older GoPros will need a third-party video converter to function as a webcam.
  • You will generally need to use your webconferencing app directly instead of a browser window.

In this article, we’ll look at how to use a GoPro as a webcam. Webcam support is only available with the GoPro Hero 4 and newer; any older models won’t be capable of being used as a webcam.

How to Use Your GoPro Hero 8 or Hero 9 as a Webcam

More recent versions of the GoPro make using them as a webcam fairly simple. All you’ll need is a Mac or Windows device, your smartphone, a USB-C cable, and your GoPro.

  1. Update your GoPro’s firmware to the latest version. In the GoPro app, select your camera, then tap the three dots in the corner and choose Update Firmware. Follow the steps as needed.

    The firmware menu in GoPro Quik app for Android
  2. Download and install GoPro’s webcam utility. For it to fully install in Windows, you’ll need to restart your computer.

  3. Select the GoPro app. In Windows, this will open a small GoPro icon in the lower right-hand corner. In the Mac it will be in the tray at the bottom.

  4. Connect your GoPro to your computer with the USB-C cable. The GoPro icon should now have a blue dot.

    If possible, use a powered USB outlet. This will reduce drain on the battery. If you're concerned about wear and tear with your battery, you can also remove it while your GoPro is connected to a powered USB port.

  5. Open your streaming or video app and go to its settings. You should see the GoPro as an option under camera. Select it and begin your conference.

    A Google Meet screen with GoPro Webcam selected

    In most situations, you’ll need to use the app instead of the browser version. As of this writing, the GoPro webcam utility only supports Chrome versions of Zoom, YouTube Live, and WebEx.

How to Use Your Older GoPro as a Webcam

If you have a Hero 4, 5, 6, or 7 model, you’ll need to use the Micro-HDMI output to connect to your laptop. This requires a Micro-HDMI-to-HDMI cable and an HDMI-to-USB video converter. Look for one that can stream at least 1080p video at 60 frames per second (fps). You should also connect your GoPro to an independent power source.

  1. Turn on your GoPro and select Preferences > Input/Output > HDMI Output. Set HDMI Output to Live.

  2. Connect your GoPro to the converter and the converter to your laptop. The adapter should work right away, although you may want to use any included software to tweak the settings to your liking.

  3. Select your GoPro from the camera options in your webcam software. You may see the converter you use instead. Selecting that will also connect your GoPro.

  • Can I live stream to YouTube using my GoPro as a Webcam?

    Using the GoPro app, you can live stream direct to YouTube and other sites. Open the GoPro app and go to Camera > Control Your GoPro > Live > Set Up Live > YouTube > Set Up Live. Connect your YouTube account and network, and enter desired settings before selecting Go Live.

  • Why won't my computer recognize my GoPro as a Webcam?

    Make sure to use a good-quality USB cable inserted into a USB port on your computer.  A USB 3.0 cable is preferable. If you use a cable other than a USB 3.0 cable, you must also insert a charged battery into the camera.

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