How to Use Google to Make Voice Calls

Use an app or a browser window to launch voice calls

Google offers an easy way to make voice calls from a computer or mobile device. Calls within Canada and the United States are free, and international calls are inexpensive.

Google Hangouts works in a browser window or through dedicated apps on Android and iOS devices.

Google is retiring the Hangouts brand. By June 2020, Hangouts will transition to the Google Meet and Google Chat applications. The company will continue to support the consumer version of classic Hangouts, but not indefinitely. If you have a choice, avoid investing in the Hangouts ecosystem and instead pursue an alternative messaging platform.

How to Make a Voice Call Using Google Hangouts on Your Computer

Use the Google Hangouts application to make voice calls using Google. Here's how to use the Hangouts application to make free and low-cost voice calls on a computer.

  1. Visit Google Hangouts. Either go to or, if you're signed into Google, select Google Hangouts from the list of available apps.

  2. Select Phone Call.

    Google Hangouts with the Phone Call button highlighted
  3. A window on the right side of the screen lists the calls you previously placed, as well as a field to enter the contact details of the person you want to call.

    If the person you want to call is in your Google contacts, type their name in the field provided and, if the phone number is associated with a Google profile, it appears. Select the name to begin your call. Otherwise, select New Conversation and enter a phone number and select the Phone icon near the word call.

  4. Your call initiates. When the recipient of the call answers, a keypad appears on the right side of the screen showing the call in progress. You'll also see details about the cost of the call (it says free if it's in the United States or Canada).

  5. Use the Mute feature to silence your end of the call. Select the gear icon in the upper-right to change microphone and speaker settings.

    Hangouts call

How to Make a Voice Call Using Google Hangouts on Your Mobile Device

To make voice calls using Google on a mobile device, download and install the Google Hangouts app. On Android, install the Hangouts Dialer app to call landline or mobile numbers. However, Hangouts Dialer warns that it isn't designed to work on Android 10.

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  1. Open the Google Hangouts app and sign in using your Google screen name and password if prompted. Tap the Phone icon in the lower-right corner of the screen.

  2. A screen appears containing your call history. If the contact you want to call is in the history list, tap the contact's name to begin the call. Otherwise, tap the green Keypad icon at the bottom of the screen to bring up the keypad, then enter the number you wish to call.

  3. Once your call is in progress, you have the option to mute your end of the line, as well as to use your Phone speaker or ​​Bluetooth headset.

    To add additional parties to the call, tap the Add People icon at the top of the screen.

    The Google Hangouts app

Paying for Voice Calls

Voice calls using Google Hangouts are free within the United States and Canada. Google offers low-rates for calls worldwide.

For calls to other locations where calls are not free, you can pay for Google Voice calls by buying credits using a credit or debit card. You can also set up your account to automatically deposit funds when your balance drops below a certain amount.