How to Use Google Password Checkup for Android

Find out if and when you should change your passwords on Android

What to Know

  • Go to Settings > Google > Autofill > Autofill with Google > Passwords > Check passwords. Tap Continue and verify your identity.
  • On the Passwords screen, tap an app or service and verify your identity to view, edit, or delete a password.
  • Alternatively, visit the web version of the Google Password Manager and select Go to Password Checkup.

This article explains how to use Google Password Checkup for Android 7 and higher. You can also access Google Password Checkup from a web browser.

How Do I Use Google Password Check Up?

Follow these steps to run Google Password Checkup on Android:

  1. Open the Settings app and tap Google.

  2. Tap Autofill.

  3. Tap Autofill with Google.

    Google, Autofill, and Autofill with Google highlighted in Android Settings
  4. Tap Passwords.

    If autofill isn't already enabled, tap Use Autofill with Google at the top of the screen.

  5. Tap Check passwords.

  6. Tap Check passwords again.

    Passwords and Check passwords highlighted in Android Settings
  7. Tap Continue and verify your identity.

  8. Password Checkup will check for weak, compromised, or duplicate passwords. Tap a category, then tap Change password under each website or service listed and make the appropriate changes.

    Continue and Change password highlighted in Android Settings

How Does Password Checkup for Android Work?

Google Password Checkup compares your saved autofill passwords to a list of known compromised passwords. It also evaluates the general strength of your passwords and identifies reused passwords. Whenever you enter a new password, Password Checker will automatically let you know if it is weak or compromised.

Google's Password Checkup will not work if you already use a different password autofill app.

Is Google Check Password Safe?

The purpose of Password Checker is to improve your device's security. For that reason, your passwords are encrypted before they get stored in the cloud. As an extra security precaution, the actual analysis of your passwords takes place on your device, not online.

For enhanced privacy protection, you can lock specific Android apps so they require an additional password or an alternative method for the app to open.

Where Are Passwords Stored on Android Phone?

To see all of your autofill passwords, go to Settings > Google > Autofill > Autofill with Google > Passwords. Tap the app or service and verify your identity to view, edit, or delete a password.

Apps list and Edit in Android password manager

All of your Android and Google Chrome passwords are stored online in the Google Password Manager, which you can access from any device. The steps for managing Android passwords and managing Google Chrome passwords are the same.

How Do I Use Google Password Manager?

You can access Password Manager from your Android settings, or you can visit the web version of the Google Password Manager. From this page, select Go to Password Checkup, or select from the list of apps and websites to view and edit your passwords.

Go to Password Checkup highlighted in Google Password Manager for Google Chrome

How to Generate Stronger Android Passwords

The key to creating a strong password is making it easy for you to remember but hard enough for others to guess. However, thanks to autofill, you don't need to memorize all of your passwords. Download the Password Generator app from the Google Play Store to get randomly generated secure passwords you are able to copy and paste. Once entered the first time, your device will remember the password, so you don't have to.

  • How do I find my Google password?

    Your Google password is the same as your Gmail password, so follow the steps for recovering your Gmail password if you can't remember it.

  • How do I get Google Password Manager to save my passwords?

    Open a browser and go to the web version of Google Password Manager, select the Settings gear in the upper-right corner, then enable Offer to save passwords.

  • Why is Google asking me to change my password?

    Google will recommend changing your password if it suspects that your account has been compromised. If this continues happening, scan your devices with antivirus software.

  • How do I show my passwords in Chrome?

    To show passwords in Google Chrome, select menu > Settings > Autofill > Passwords and then select the eye next to the password.

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