How to Use Google Delivery to Order in From Local Restaurants

Order food online directly from Google Assistant, Maps, and Search

Thanks to partnerships with food delivery companies such as DoorDash, Postmates, Slice, ChowNow, GrubHub, and, you can now place orders through Google search, Maps, and the Assistant, all without using branded food delivery apps. 

How Ordering With Google Delivery Works

If you're searching online for food, and the restaurant you're looking for uses a food delivery service, you'll see an Order Online button in Google search results or Google Maps. This means you can place your delivery order through Google Delivery, and you don't need an account with any of the delivery services to use those services. Place your order using your Google account.

Menus are displayed in the apps, where you'll also see the minimum order amount and respective delivery fees, and the ordering process is much like the one in the branded delivery apps. You'll have options available to enter promo and coupon codes or charge the meal to your credit card (or Google Pay).

Mobile users can also use Google Assistant to place orders or reorders by voice. The Assistant will take you part of the way through the ordering process, but at a certain point, you'll have to pick up your device to make your choices by tapping the screen.

If you haven't set up a delivery address or payment information in your Google Account, you'll be prompted to do so at the appropriate time during your order. 

Ordering Food Delivery Through Google Search

Depending on your location and the delivery service you choose, the names of some buttons or links may be slightly different. For example, Click to Order, Checkout, or Place order.

Order From a Web Browser on a Computer

When you're at your computer or laptop, here's how you can place a Google Delivery order.

  1. Open and search for a cuisine type or restaurant name. Or, use Google's list of restaurants from which you can order food.

    Food listings in Google
  2. Click the name of the restaurant from which you'd like to order.

  3. Click the Order Delivery button on the restaurant's Google listing.

    Order Delivery button
  4. Choose the delivery service you'd like to use, and verify that your address is correct.

    Choosing a food service
  5. Select items from the menu. When you're done, click Checkout.

    Checkout button

    Sign into the food delivery service using your Google account if you're prompted to do so.

  6. Follow the checkout/payment instructions, and submit your order.

    Checkout page

    Enter any promo codes you have on this screen.

Order From a Web Browser or the Google Maps App on a Mobile Device

Here's how you can place a Google Delivery order when you're on your mobile device.

  1. Open or Google Maps, and search for a cuisine type or restaurant name. 

  2. If the restaurant participates in a food delivery service, click Place an order.

  3. Depending on the restaurant, you'll see a list of food delivery services, or you'll be linked out to the restaurant's website. Follow the prompts to order from the menu, enter your payment info, and confirm.

    Placing an order

Ordering Delivery With the Google Assistant

Google allows you to place orders with the Google Assistant on your smartphone or smart home device.

  1. Activate the Google Assistant on your Android smartphone or Google Nest Hub. This is done differently based on your device, Android version, and settings, so follow your device's instructions as appropriate. 

    Google Delivery for food delivery does not work on Google Home devices without screens.

  2. Say "Hey Google, order from [restaurant name]."

  3. When the restaurant appears on your screen, follow the prompts as above to choose from the menu, place your order, pay, and confirm.

    You can't tell the Assistant your order; you must choose the items manually on your device.

Reordering Food With the Google Assistant

You can reorder food from a restaurant using Google Assistant, too.

  1. Activate the Google Assistant on your Android smartphone. 

  2. Say "Hey Google, reorder food from [restaurant name]."

  3. The Assistant will access your past orders and display them on your mobile device.

  4. Open the cart to review your items and tap Go to order.

  5. Finish the order as above.

Let Google Assistant Complete Your Order

If you’d like to take your online food-ordering ease a step further, Google has partnered with select restaurant chains to create a system, powered by Duplex on the web, where Google Assistant actually completes your order for you.

To try it out, find a participating restaurant from Google’s Android app and tap Order Online. Create your order as usual, then go to checkout. Assistant takes over from here, filling in your contact info and grabbing payment details saved in Google Pay, completing your order automatically.

Google plans to expand this system to include more restaurants throughout the U.S.

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