How to Use Google Assistant to Make Appointments

Don't have time to call for an appointment? Let Google Assistant do it

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Google Duplex, part of Google Assistant, allows you to make reservations and other appointments using the “Ok Google” command. After you make a request, Google's Duplex artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm will call the business—for example, a restaurant—and use a human-like voice to set and confirm the reservation or appointment. The capability rolled out in May 2018 and, as of January 2020, is available in most U.S. states and New Zealand.

Duplex works with smartphones running Android 5.0 and later, and on iPhones with Google Assistant installed.

How to Make Reservations/Appointments With Google Assistant

  1. Say "OK Google" to wake up your Google Assistant, or long-press the home key on your device's touchscreen.

  2. Ask the assistant to make a reservation. You might say something like "Book a table at the Sunset Grill" or "Make an appointment at the Hair Boutique." If your request is more general, such as "Make an appointment at a nail salon," Google Assistant will present you with choices. Simply select the desired establishment.

  3. Google Assistant will prompt you for details such as a time, date, and number in your party.

    Google Assistant reservation confirmation screen
  4. Tap Yes to confirm, No to change the details, or Cancel to stop the process.

  5. Google will now call the business and interact with whoever answers, providing and confirming your details.

    This capability is available only with businesses that accept Google Duplex calls.

  6. When the call and reservation are complete, Google Assistant will give you a voice confirmation within a few minutes.

    Google Assistant will also inform you of any issues that arise when attempting to call in the reservation, such as the business not answering the phone.

  7. To cancel your reservation after it has been confirmed, give the "OK Google" command and tell your Google Assistant to cancel your reservation.

To protect businesses against spam and pranks, Google Assistant limits the number of reservations and cancellations you can make within short periods.