How to Use Google Assistant to Make Appointments

Don't have time to make the call? Let Google Assistant call for you

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Google Duplex is a new feature within Google Assistant that allows smartphone users to make reservations and other appointments using the common “Ok Google” command. After a user makes a request, the Duplex AI algorithm will make a call to a business and use a human-like voice to set and confirm the appointment.

Duplex works with Android smartphones running at least Android 5.0 Marshmallow and iPhones running iOS 10.0 or later with Google Assistant installed; users must use the phrase, "Hey Siri, Ok Google."

How to Make Reservations/Appointments with Google Assistant

  1. To begin setting up a reservation, wake up your Google Assistant by saying “Ok Google” or by long pressing the Home key on your device's touchscreen.

    Though Google Duplex works on a number of devices, users will have the best luck using the feature on a Google Pixel.

  2. Ask the assistant to make a lunch reservation. This should enable Duplex to begin working.

  3. Your Google Assistant will then give you options for restaurants that may match your inquiry.

  4. Respond with your desired option. If the business has Duplex enabled on its end you'll be able to continue and have the AI voice complete the call. If the restaurant you've selected does not support Duplex you will have to choose another.

    It's important to be as detailed as possible when giving Duplex instructions as to the type of action you want to be completed. For example, you'd want to say "Make an appointment at a nail salon," rather than, "Make an appointment at a salon."

  5. Once you have a compatible restaurant, Google Assistant will ask you for other information needed to make the reservation, including the number of people in your party, a time, and an alternate time for your visit.

  6. After this, you'll be able to confirm with your Google Assistant and allow Duplex to call the restaurant to complete the reservation.

  7. Once the call and reservation are complete, your Google Assistant will give you a voice confirmation within fifteen minutes.

    Google Assistant will also inform you of any issues that arise when attempting to call in the reservation, such as the business not answering the phone.

  8. Google Assistant will give you the option to cancel the call or to have Duplex call back at another time. In the event that you have to cancel your reservation after it has been confirmed, you can give the "Ok Google" command and have Duplex call the restaurant again to cancel.