Using Gmail with Multiple Email Addresses in iPhone Mail

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Are you used to using Gmail not just for your Gmail mail but for all your other mail, too? Have you set up all your email accounts to forward to your Gmail address or Gmail to fetch new messages arriving at them? Are you using the Gmail web interface to send new emails and replies, always with the right address in the From: line?

Would you like to carry all that universal in- and outbox magic to iPhone Mail? By setting up but a few extra accounts (which, of course, you don't use directly), you can.

Use a Gmail Account with Multiple Email Addresses in iPhone Mail

To access your Gmail account in iPhone Mail and send messages from all your addresses:

Alternatively, you can add an additional iPhone Mail account for each email address:

  • Tap Settings on the iPhone Home screen.
  • Go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  • Choose Add Account... under Accounts.
  • Select Other.
  • Tap Add Mail Account.
  • Enter your name under Name.
  • Now enter the email address you want to use under Address.
  • Tap a random string under Password.
  • Optionally, change the account's name under Description.
  • Tap Next.
  • Go to the POP tab.
  • Enter "g" (or any other string) for Host Name under Incoming Mail Server.
  • Enter "g" (or, again, anything else) for User Name under Incoming Mail Server.
  • Now enter "" for Host Name under Outgoing Mail Server.
  • Tap your Gmail user name (what precedes "" in your Gmail address) for User Name under Outgoing Mail Server.
  • Enter your Gmail password for Password under Outgoing Mail Server.
  • Tap Save.
  • Now tap No in the Cannot Connect Using SSL alert asking you to try setting up the account without SSL.
  • Tap Save again.
  • Tap Save yet again.
  • Press the Home button.
  • Make sure the new account is checked for new mail only manually.

You can now choose the desired email address when replying in Gmail or sending a new message. From time to time, go to the secondary Gmail accounts' Sent folders in iPhone Mail to delete sent emails (they are stored in Gmail's Sent folder automatically).