How to Use Facebook Timeline

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Use the Timeline Menu Bar to Customize Your Personal Timeline

Screenshot of Facebook Timeline

The introduction of the Facebook Timeline profile layout has been the one of the biggest changes that has been launched on the social network over its existing years. Considering the fact that Facebook Timeline is extremely different from the personal profiles we’re all used to, there’s no shame in feeling a little bit lost in how to use it.

This slideshow will guide you through the major features of Facebook Timeline.

Your Timeline Menu Bar

The menu bar on the right side of your Timeline lists the years and recent months you’ve been active on Facebook. You can scroll down and fill in your Timeline to display any major experiences that happened during those time periods.

At the top, you should notice a horizontal menu bar appear with the options to add a status, photo, place or life event. You can use these to fill in your Timeline.

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Plan Out Your Life Events

Screenshot of Facebook Timeline

When you choose “Life Event” on your Timeline profile's status bar, five different headings should show up. Each of them let you edit specific story events of your life.

Work & Education: Add your jobs, schools, volunteer work or military service you completed during the time periods before you joined Facebook.

Family & Relationships: Edit your engagement date and wedding events. If you want, you can even add the birth date of your children or pets. “Lost a Loved One” is for those who wish the share their feelings on the passing of close friend or family member.

Home & Living: Add all your living arrangements and events including relocation, purchasing a new home or moving in with a new roommate. You can even create events for your brand new car or even your motorcycle in the vehicles section.

Health & Wellness: If you have any specific health concerns you want people to know about, you can report health events like surgeries, broken bones or overcoming certain illnesses.

Travel & Experiences: This section is for all the miscellaneous stuff that doesn’t fit in any of the other categories. Add new hobbies, musical instruments, languages learned, tattoos, piercings, travel events and more.

Other Life Event: For anything else you’d like to add, you can create a completely customized life event by pressing the “Other Life Event” option.

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Fill In Your Life Events

Facebook Timeline
Screenshot of Facebook Timeline

Once you’ve chosen a life event to fill in on your Timeline, a pop-up box will appear for you to enter your information. You can fill in the name of the event, the location and when it occurred. You can also add an optional story or photo with it.

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Set Your Privacy Options

Facebook Timeline
Screenshot of Facebook Timeline

Before you post a life event or status update, consider who you want to be able to view it. There are three general settings including public, friends and custom.

Public: Everyone can see your event, including all Facebook users outside your network and those who are subscribed to your public updates.

Friends: Only Facebook friends can see your event.

Custom: Choose which group of friends or individual friends you want to see your event.

You can also choose any of your lists that you want to be able to see your update. For example, an event about a recent graduation may want to be shared with a family list or a colleague list.

For more information on setting up your privacy, check out the complete step-by-step guide to Facebook Timeline privacy settings.

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Edit Events On Your Timeline

Facebook Timeline
Screenshot of Facebook Timeline

Facebook Timeline will generally display any self-created events as very large, stretching across both columns.

On most events, you should see a tiny star button in the top right corner. You can press this to scale down your event to show on just one column of your Timeline.

If you don’t want a specific event to show on your Timeline at all or want it deleted completely, you can choose the “Edit” button also found in the top right corner to hide the event or delete it.

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Be Aware of Your Activity Log

Screenshot of Facebook Timeline

You can look at your “Activity Log” on a separate page, which is found on the right side beneath your large display photo. All of your Facebook activity is listed there in detail. You can hide or delete any activity from your Activity Log, and customize each update to be shown, allowed or hidden on your Timeline.

Lastly, you can use the menu links located just beneath your cover photo, to browse through your Timeline, your personal "About" information, your photos, your photos, and the "More" section, which lists apps you've connected to Facebook and other things like movies, books, events, groups and so on.