8 Easy Ways to Use Facebook More Productively

Facebook can be one of the greatest tools in the world for staying connected and increasing your knowledge of information, or it can be one of the biggest time wasters ever that offers little to no value to you. It all depends on how you're using it, of course.

It's becoming more of a common trend for users to deactivate their accounts out of frustration from all the time they waste and lack of value they get. For many users who've thought about it, however, quitting Facebook isn't an option.

Whether you use Facebook for business purposes, to collaborate with colleagues at your school, to keep an eye on your child's social media activity or for any other reason (like maybe for ordering food), you probably know that staying on Facebook is still useful on some level even amongst all the noise and frustration. The News Feed algorithm is constantly being tweaked to show you more relevant stories, but it doesn't always filter out all the junk according to how you, specifically, want to be using Facebook.

Every Facebook user can become a more productive Facebook user in a way that best optimizes their experience and saves them more time. It's time to make Facebook productivity a real thing — because honestly, it's too big and too influential of a social network not to use these days.

The following tips and related tools can help. Check them out and see if they might solve the source of your Facebook frustration!

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Organize, add, or remove features en masse with just a few clicks.

Toolkit for Facebook
Screenshot of Toolkit for Facebook

If you've been using Facebook for a few years and your entire account could use a serious cleanup, you'll be happy to know that you won't have to spend an entire weekend doing it manually. Toolkit for Facebook is one of the most powerful Facebook Chrome browser extensions out there that can help you clean your account up in seconds.

The extension can be accessed in your Google Chrome browser by clicking the little "TF" icon that appears once you've installed it. The free tools are designed to help you get things done in bulk like accept all pending friend requests, add all friends to a group, remove all page likes, leave all groups and more.

There are also several premium tools available if you decide you like it so much, you'd like to upgrade to a premium account. With over 180,000 Chrome users that are using it and lots of great reviews, you can be sure that this tool won't disappoint.

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Hide yourself from the people you don't want to chat with on Facebook Chat.

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The trouble with Facebook Chat is that you probably look forward to chatting with some of your friends but get a little annoyed when people you're not interested in chatting with start to chat with you. Unfortunately, you can't select who can and can't see you online.

Ghost for Chat is a free Chrome extension that keeps you appearing invisible on Facebook Chat but still allows you to talk to anyone. Just put yourself in "Ghost Mode" and start a chat with anyone you want without being bothered by anyone else.

There's also a premium version of this tool, which gives you a few extra sneaky features to keep you well hidden. If you have a lot of friends and use Facebook Chat regularly, this tool can seriously help you avoid petty small talk with friends who are just bored.

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Use Facebook's official Workplace app to collaborate with your team.

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Even if your workplace already requires you to use another collaboration tool like Slack, Evernote, Trello or something else, it can be helpful to use Facebook's official Workplace app for all your team's social discussions.

While you might not be able to create fancy project boards and upload files that can be edited by any team member, Facebook for Work at least makes it a whole lot easier to start a a work chat, use voice or video calling, create groups to discuss specific projects, see stories about what's happening in your company and receive update from important colleagues.

It's also just a great way to separate your personal Facebook friends from your Facebook friends at work. When you need to use Facebook to get in contact with colleagues for something work-related, this app offers a simple and fast solution.

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Quickly unlike all those useless fan pages you've liked over the years.

Like & Dislike
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Facebook for Toolkit has a free tool that allows you to unlike all Facebook pages at once, but if you know you will want to keep some pages while removing others, Page Unliker might be a better option. This tool allows you to see a simple list of all your liked pages so you can choose which ones you want to unlike.

Once you've given Page Unliker permission to access your Facebook account, you'll see your list of liked pages — including a direct link to the page itself, the number of likes it has and the date that you liked it. Just scroll down and click the blue Like button so that the checkmark turns into a thumbs up icon.

This is much easier than visiting every single liked page individually to unlike it. If you want to save yourself a lot of time, definitely take advantage of this little tool.

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Simplify Facebook's desktop design and remove those pesky ads.

Screenshot of Flatbook extension

Everyone loves the look of Facebook on the desktop, right?! All those awesome ads and everything? Hmmm, not really, huh?

Chrome web browser users, you need to check out Flatbook. It's a free extension that transforms Facebook's look into a simpler, sleeker design that removes useless clutter and makes it far more pleasing to look at. And best of all, it removes ads and even claims to make Facebook work faster!

Your most useful menu options are displayed in a handy column of icons on the left side. Just roll your cursor over any one of them to see its label and click on any menu option to see how much nicer it looks with this simplified design.

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Take advantage of Facebook's official Groups app and Pages app.

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Some people spend most of their time on Facebook browsing their news feeds. Others, however, spend more tim interacting in or managing groups and pages.

If you're a page administrator, a group administrator or even just a very active member of a group/groups, you might as well go ahead and download the dedicated apps available for Facebook groups and pages.

The groups app gives you a single place to create, manage and interact in all your groups. Get a quick glimpse of the latest activity across your groups, discover new ones to join and even add a home screen button to your device for quick access to a specific group.

The pages app (available for iOS and Android devices) allows you to manage up to 50 pages from your device. Keep track of all your pages' activity, post updates, respond to messages, receive notifications, get access to insights and more from this nifty little app.

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Simplify Facebook message management on the desktop by using a desktop app.

Facebook Messaging
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Facebook Messenger is currently the second most popular messaging app in the world behind WhatsApp, and it's great to use on a mobile device. On the desktop web, however, it can be a bit of a pain to use.

Franz is a type of all-in-one messaging app for the desktop that not only supports Facebook Messenger, but also other popular messaging platforms like Slack, WhatsApp, WeChat and more. You can add an unlimited number of accounts with this tool, so even if you have multiple Facebook accounts you use to message people, Franz allows you to work with all of them.

It's totally free to download and available for Windows, Mac and Linux machines.

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Schedule your Facebook posts ahead of time with a scheduling tool.

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Got a lot to post on Facebook, but want everyone to see it at the right time? Whether you're using a personal account or a public page, a social media management tool with a scheduling feature can help you get your posts in front of more of your friends' or fans' eyeballs.

Buffer and HootSuite are two very popular tools with scheduling features that you can use for free. Each of them also have options to upgrade for more flexibility and features.

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