Hide Facebook Posts From Your News Feed

Stop seeing posts you don't want to see in your news feed

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Is your Facebook news feed becoming cluttered with updates from "friends" you barely know? Do uninteresting posts from brand pages that you have "liked" keep popping up in your feed too?

No need to unfriend or unlike. There's a quick and easy way to keep your Facebook feed organized and full of only relevant posts by hiding updates from friends and pages you've liked.

This will ensure that you'll only see the updates you want to see. And the best part is that it's as easy as a couple of clicks of your mouse or taps to your device's screen.

The following steps can be done whether you're browsing your Facebook news feed on the desktop web or on the official Facebook mobile app.

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Find the Hide Option on a Friend's Post

A screenshot of the hide option on a Facebook friend's post.

Click or tap the three dots that appear in the top right corner of any friend's post in your news feed.

In the menu that appears, tap Hide post. This will tell Facebook that you want to see fewer posts like the one you just hid.

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Find the Hide Option on a Page's Post

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You can hide pages' posts the same way you can hide friends' posts. Just look for the three dots that appear in the top right of any page's post, click/tap it and select Hide post to tell Facebook you want to see fewer posts like it.

You might notice that some of your friends and liked pages often re-share posts from other people you're not friends with or pages you haven't liked. In these types of cases, you'll notice that you're given the option to hide posts that come from that other Facebook user or page.

Just click or tap Hide all from [friend's name/page's name] to stop seeing any posts from that particular user or page.

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Unfollow Friends or Pages to Stop Seeing Their Posts Entirely

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Hiding posts from friends or liked pages can help Facebook refine the types of posts you want to see, but it won't hide every post from that particular friend or page. If you want to hide all their posts yet still remain connected to them, you have to unfollow them.

Click or tap the three dots in the top corner of any friend or page post in your feed and then select Unfollow [friend's name/page's name]

You'll still remain friends and/or a fan of the page, but you'll no longer see any of their posts in your news feed. If you ever want to undo this so you start seeing their posts in your feed again, simply navigate to the friend's profile or page and click or tap the Follow button that appears beneath their cover image. You might need to tap More if you're doing this on the app to see the Follow button.

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Temporarily Snooze a Friend or Page's Post for 30 Days

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Another option you have is to snooze a friend or page so that their posts completely disappear from your news feed for a period of 30 days. After 30 days, they'll reappear again.

Article updated by: Elise Moreau