How to Use Facebook Hide and Unhide

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How to Hide Friends and Applications on Facebook

Organizing Facebook
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Is your Facebook wall becoming cluttered with updates from "friends" you barely know? Have you added a bunch of co-workers but only want to see updates from friends and family?

Has a friend recently gotten into a Facebook game like Mafia Wars and the status updates are driving you nuts?

There's a quick and easy way to organize your Facebook wall by hiding updates from friends or hiding updates from applications. This will allow you to organize the wall and only see the updates you want to see. And the best part is that it's as easy as clicking a mouse button.

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Finding the Hide Menu on Facebook

Facebook Hide Menu
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The funny thing about the Facebook hide menu is that it is hidden. You can access the hide feature by hovering the mouse over a status update on your wall.

Notice how the word "Hide" appears in the upper left corner with a triangle pointing down? This is how you access the ​Hide menu. Simply click on the word "Hide" to get started.

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How to Hide Friends on Facebook

Hide Friends in Facebook
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Now that you've discovered how to make Facebook's Hide menu appear by hovering the mouse over the profile, you will find out just how easy it is to hide a friend's status updates. Simply click where it says "Hide" followed by your friend's name.

If your friend's status was updated through a Facebook application, you will also get the option of hiding the application. But don't confuse this with hiding your friend's status updates.

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How to Hide Applications on Facebook

Hide Applications on Facebook
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Hiding status updates from Facebook applications is as easy as hiding a friend's status updates. Simply hover over the status update on your wall to access the Hide menu, click on "Hide" and then click where it says "Hide" followed by the application's name.

Hiding an application's status update is a great way to deal with friends who are involved in a Facebook game that has a lot of annoying updates. It allows you to still get regular status updates from your friend without seeing all of their game achievements.

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How to Unhide Friends on Facebook

How to Unhide Friends in Facebook
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Did you accidentally hide someone on Facebook that you want to see updates from? For a few seconds,​ after you hide someone, you have the option to undo the hide. After that, you must modify your wall options.

You can unhide friends on Facebook by scrolling all the way down the wall until you see the Edit Options link on the right side of the middle column. Clicking on Edit Options will give you a menu allowing you to unhide friends or applications.

To unhide a friend, simply locate their name in the list and click the "Add to News Feed" button.

To unhide an application, click at the top where it says "applications", locate the application you want to unhide and click the "Add to News Feed" button.