How to Use Facebook Messenger Chat for iPhone

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How to Download and Access Facebook Chat on Your iPhone

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The Facebook Messenger app for iPhone, iPad and iPod devices gives you access to your Facebook Messenger chat on your mobile devices. Facebook's chat used to be integrated with the Facebook app, but the service was split off and became its own stand alone app.

Using Facebook's instant messenger app is easy and you can get started in just minutes.

Installing the Facebook Messenger App

If you have not installed the Facebook Messenger app to your device yet, check out how to get your download from the App Store in this brief tutorial.

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Finding Your Facebook Messenger Conversations

The Facebook Messenger app loads your recent chat conversations no matter where you previously had them—any chats you've had online, for example, will appear in the mobile app as well. 

Scrolling Through Your Facebook Conversations

To navigate through your contacts list for someone to chat with, simply swipe up to scroll through your conversations. Conversations containing unread messages will be in boldface. Tap a conversation to open it and see the messages contained in it.

Your contacts will have either a blue Facebook Messenger icon attached to their picture, or a gray version of the icon. The blue icon indicates that the contact is actively using Facebook, whether via computer or using a mobile device, while gray indicates the user is idle, such as being away from the computer for an extended time or have left Facebook open but not interacted with their account in a while. 

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Sending a Facebook Message

Sending a message with Facebook Messenger is simple. If you have already started a conversation, just tap the conversation to open it and type your message in the field to continue where the chat left off.

Starting a New Message

To start a new conversation, click the compose icon in the upper right corner of the app screen (it looks like a piece of paper and a pen or pencil over it). The New Message screen opens with the "To:" field at the top.

You can either pick a Facebook recipient from among your friends, which are listed, or you can enter the name of the Facebook recipient for your message in the "To:" field. As you type, the friends list below it will change, narrowing based on the name you type in. Also, by scrolling down, you can find group conversations in which the people who match the name you've typed have participated. 

When you see the name of the person or the group you want to send a message to, tap it to start the conversation. If you've had a conversation with the person at any time in the past, it will automatically continue that conversation thread (and you'll see all of the old messages you've shared). If this is the first time you're sending a message to the person, you'll see a blank conversation ready to begin.

To send your message when you're done typing, tap "return" on the keyboard.

Viewing Your Friend's Facebook Profile

Want to check out your friend's Facebook page? Tap their image to bring up a menu, and then tap "View Profile." This will launch the Facebook app and display your friend's profile page.

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Making Phone and Video Calls

You can make both voice and video calls using the Facebook Messenger app. Tap on the "Calls" icon at the bottom of the app screen. This will bring up a list of your Facebook friends. To the right of each, you will see two icons, one for initiating a voice call, the other for a video call. A green dot above the phone icon indicates that the person is currently online.

Tap either the voice call or video call icon, and Facebook Messenger will attempt to contact the person. If you chose a video call, your iPhone camera will be engaged in the video chat.

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Changing Facebook Messenger App Settings

You can change your Facebook Messenger chat app settings by tapping the "Me" icon in the lower right of the app screen.

On this screen, you can adjust settings, such as notifications, change your username, phone number, switch Facebook accounts, and set preferences for Facebook Payments, sync contacts and invite people to Messenger (under "People") and more.