How to Turn Your Echo Show Into a Night Light

Use Your Amazon Echo Device as a Night light

What to Know

  • Echo and Echo Show devices aren't night lights, but you can use these devices as night lights by installing a skill or changing settings.
  • Use an Echo or Echo Dot as a night light by installing a night light skill and saying, "Alexa, turn on night light." 
  • Use an Echo Show as a night light by turning off adaptive lighting and auto-dim and manually setting the desired brightness.

This article explains how to use Amazon Echo devices as night lights using a few different methods.

Does Echo or Echo Show Have a Night Light?

Neither Echo nor Echo Show devices have built-in night lights, but there are ways to use them in that way. Smart speakers like the Echo and Echo Dot have light rings that you can illuminate to act as night lights with the help of the right Alexa skill, while Echo Show has a display that can be used as a night light if you manually change the settings.

How Do You Use Echo Show as a Night Light?

Echo Show doesn't have a night light function, and there are no night light skills that work with Echo Show. While you can use Alexa as a night light with most other Echo devices, there is no easy way to do so with an Echo Show.

If you want to use an Echo Show as a night light, the best option is to disable the adaptive brightness feature, turn off the auto-dim feature, and then manually set the display's brightness to the level you want for a night light. The screen will then stay at that brightness all night.

The problem with using this method is your Echo Show may be difficult to use during the day with adaptive brightness off, and it will stay on all night, with no option to have it turn off after you've fallen asleep. If you don't mind those drawbacks, here's how to use your Echo Show as a night light:

  1. Swipe down from the top of the display.

    Swipe down from the Echo Show home screen.
  2. Tap Settings.

    Settings (gear icon) in the main Echo Show menu.
  3. Tap Display.

    Display highlighted in Echo Show settings.
  4. Set your desired brightness.

    The brightness slider in Echo Show settings.
  5. Tap the Adaptive Brightness toggle to turn it Off.

    Adaptive Brightness and Auto Dim toggles on Echo Show.
  6. Tap the Auto Dim toggle to turn it Off.

  7. Your display will now stay on at the desired brightness until you change the settings.

Can Alexa Act as a Night Light?

Unlike Echo Show, most other Alexa devices can act as night lights with the help of a skill. If you have an Echo or an Echo Dot, you can use it as a night light by installing an Alexa skill. Alexa skills are similar to apps for Echo devices which add extra functionality. Several skills add a night light function to an Echo device by turning on the light ring and leaving it on. You can also have the light ring turn off after a specified time if you don’t want the night light to stay on all night.

Skills can only use the blue light ring. If you prefer red, you can manually turn the light ring red by pressing the mute button. The ring will stay on and cast a dim red light in your room, and Alexa will not answer any voice commands until you press the mute button again.

Here’s how to use an Alexa device like Echo or Echo Dot as a night light:

  1. Open the Alexa app, and tap More.

  2. Tap Skills & Games.

  3. Tap the search icon.

    Searching for a new skill from the Alexa app.
  4. Type night light, and tap the search icon.

  5. Tap the Night Light skill.

  6. Tap Enable.

    Launching the night light skill in the Alexa app.
  7. Say, “Alexa, open Night Light” to turn on the night light.

  8. If you want the light to turn off automatically, say, “Alexa, open Night Light for three hours,” and it will shut off after the specified amount of time.

  • How do I wake up my Echo Show from night mode?

    When you turn on the Night Mode feature, you can set a schedule for the clock/display to dim and wake. If Night Mode doesn't work as expected, manually turn off this feature from Settings > Home & Clock > Night Mode. You could also use your Alexa wake word to access your Echo Show or tap the display.

  • How do I dim my Echo Show at night?

    Swipe down on the home screen and move the brightness slider to the left. Another option is to tap the Do Not Disturb icon from the home menu or say, "Alexa, do not disturb." You can also turn on or schedule Do Not Disturb mode in the Alexa app from Menu > Settings > Device Settings.

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